Too Busy Reading Kanye West’s Rants To Catch Everything That Went Down On The Internet This Week? Don’t Worry, We Have The Top 10 Vines HERE!

kanye west vines of a week

This week featured a latest installment of Kanye West‘s rants on Twitter… and boy, did they not disappoint.

ICYMI: Yeezus went on about nearly all this week, including a Grammys, Taylor Swift, his recently announced Summer album, and so many more. Oh man!

Now if you’re like us, you’ve substantially been TOTALLY consumed by a extravagance that is Yeezy on amicable media. LOLz!

Luckily for you, we’ve been tracking a best 6 second vids this week has to offer so we won’t skip out on a thing. You’re welcome!

Be certain to ch-ch-check out a tip 10 Vines of this week for yourself (below)!

10. Seriously, a All Day rapper has got to stop vagrant people for money!

9. PSA: Please dab with caution.

8. Are we already over a #DamnDaniel trend?? We consider Daniel positively is.

7. This is like if Russell Brand had a terrifying child.

6. Sharing is caring, right??

5. Life is vicious to some people…

4. Word to a wise, smoothies can repair many problems!

3. High propagandize reunions are never easy.

2. We’re guessing this ISN’T how a west was won!

1. This child knows as many lyrics to Work as Rihanna does! HA!

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