TMZ Re-Posts Deleted Lana Pole Dancing Video, Update On WWE’s Samoa Joe Trademark, Drew Gulak

– Lana recently done TMZ for dancing on a stick during a happy bar in West Hollywood, The Abbey. The video was creatively posted to Lana’s Instagram comment though after deleted. You can see a video above.

Was Lana Ripping The WWE Creative Team After The Elimination Chamber PPV?

– We remarkable before how WWE recently filed to heading a “Samoa Joe” name. That registration was filed on Mar 9th though WWE after deserted a heading on Mar 16th. Joe suffered a right feet damage behind in early Jan though he’s approaching to be behind in movement soon.

– Below is video of Drew Gulak reflecting on his initial singles compare during Madison Square Garden over a weekend. Gulak mislaid to Cedric Alexander. Gulak talks about entrance from a indies to WWE and says it’s huge.