Time to get active: This year, four-wheels to hurl on Roadies sets

Along with dual new faces, MTV Roadies X4 will also let 4 wheels hurl in a uncover behest goodbye to a signature element, a bikes.

“That’s right. This season, a contestants will be pushing sports utitlity vehicle, Renault Duster, instead of motorcyles that have been an constituent component of Roadies for 13 years now,” pronounced a show’s decider and squad leader, Rannvijay Singha.

While Karan Kundra earnings once again as a squad leader, a other dual squad leaders are Neha Dhupia and Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar.

In city for a Chandigarh auditions on Monday and Tuesday, Sushil and Rannvijay share their reasons for being Roadies.

“I feel no dream is out of reach. we am here to inspire a girl to be active, to lead a trained and fit life. Roadies is one such height where we can bond with sports and sporting attitude,” pronounced Sushil.

From a competitor to horde to decider and a sought after squad leader, tour addict and sports fan Rannvijay’s name has been synonymous with Roadies. This deteriorate will have many new adventures. “We are not going to exhibit a destination, though it is going to be as stirring and sparkling and contestants will be pushing SUVs. The thought is to make them lay together in a space and see if they can forge bonds, are gifted and entertaining, can know abyss and a dynamics of this connect,” pronounced Rannvijay.

Bikes and cars, are delegate for Rannvijay. “It’s a tour that counts. The situations one finds himslef in, a tasks one faces, a hurdles and obstacles one overcomes – that’s what Roadies is all about,” combined Rannvijay.

Working on his annual Rocksport Challenge (a race) and another show, Squad Rann, that will go online soon, Rannvijay pronounced his aim is to introduce a diver suggestion and inspire aptness among girl by such programmes. “What is a indicate of being a youngest republic with a largest girl race if that girl is full of ailments? Young people are removing ill during a age of 30, 35 overdue to sedentary lifestyles, junk food, cot surfing. If it’s a Sunday, we are ostensible to go out, play sport, indulge in tour activity. We are doing that by Squad Rann, sharpened engaging activities that engage lot of practice and fun and uploading them,” he said.
Olympian Sushil Kumar behind in action

Sushil Kumar, who has won dual Olympic medals for a country, is carefree of securing bullion award this year. In Chandigarh on Monday as one of a 4 squad leaders of MTV Roadies, he pronounced he is fit and focusing on his training. “I am in full form and have recently returned from Georgia after endless training programme,” he said. Sushil feels with a changing unfolding and augmenting opportunities in wrestling, Indian wrestlers will no longer have to onslaught to make a symbol for themselves. He praised a government’s initiatives to foster sports and mentioned wrestling joining that will give bearing to wrestlers in India.

Talking on his earthy fitness, Sushil pronounced he was not 100 per cent fit final year. He could have left for a universe championship final year, though it was not about him or Narsingh, though about “the nation and he would not have been means to give his 100 per cent”.