Tig Notaro Calls Out Louis C.K. For Not Responding To His Many Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Why is Tig Notaro always being asked about Louis C.K.?

Well, initial off, given he’s an executive author on her critically acclaimed Amazon expose One Mississippi, that is about to premiere a second mellow on Sep 8. At least, he’s credited as an executive producer.

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Tig says a Louie author and star has “never been involved” in a expose nonetheless still managed to get a credit somehow. She told The Daily Beast:

“It’s frustrating, given he has 0 to do with a show. But we don’t balderdash my time on him or what anyone thinks. His name is on it. But we are letter a show, a writers’ room. We’re sitting in editing. We’re acting. We’re on set. We’re doing press. And everybody that’s directly endangered in a expose works unquestionably hard. They are decent, means tellurian beings. And we feel prosperous to be surrounded by them.”

Wait, what was that “decent” part? Is she implying Louis isn’t decent?

We don’t know a full story of a forward out between a former friends, customarily that there was an “incident” and according to Tig they “don’t pronounce given then.”

But rumors have swirled around C.K. over a past confederate years, secretly that he lures ladylike comics to his hotel room and masturbates in front of them.

Apparently many ladylike writers and comedians have common stories nonetheless zero have left on record, during smallest not regulating names. Except Roseanne, nonetheless she was customarily relaying what she heard; she wasn’t a announce to any of these incidents.

Interestingly, a vicious tract prove on a nearing mellow of One Mississippi is about a sense pang by a unquestionably matching ardent assault, in that a sense is finished to watch her tutor masturbate during work.

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When asked about a elephant in a room, Tig doesn’t offer any firsthand trust nonetheless does contend it’s weird he has never concurred a rumors:

“I cruise it’s vicious to take caring of that, to hoop that, given it’s vicious to be assaulted. It’s vicious to be harassed. It’s serious, it’s serious, it’s serious.”

In bringing a row behind to a show, she can’t assistance nonetheless dump some unquestionably explanation (though intentionally nameless) experiences:

“And that’s what we wish to do with this show. We of impetus wish to emanate comedy, nonetheless we also really, unquestionably feel like we have a eventuality to do something with One Mississippi, given it does not stop. And, we know, we transport around doing shows during comedy clubs and we customarily hear from people left and right of what some big-shot comedian or authority has done. People customarily pardon it…

It’s an ongoing emanate and in a writers’ room we were unquestionably open about a conflicting levels of bother or conflict that we’ve witnessed or experienced. we cruise it’s evil what people in power, or any people, when they do this.

People don’t trust that their statue or their associate can be… Yeah, they don’t trust it.”

When asked for specific examples, Tig says:

“I mean, we favourite Bill Cosby. You know? we was a tellurian being, alive. It’s like, who didn’t like Bill Cosby? we saw him live in unanimity and we preferred him as a comedian. And it was confusing. You hear things and we go, oh, is that a rumor? What’s happening? And thereafter all is swirling around a comedy world, where people go, oh no, that’s unquestionably happened.

And thereafter we learn and we pronounce to some-more people and it’s like, oh, he’s not a customarily one. And there’s this person. And it’s just, it’s horrifying.”

And no one wants to trust it given they venerate a celeb so much. Until one day it hits a tipping point, and there’s customarily too many accusers to deny.

Sadly, with Cosby that took years.

Will a matching thing start with Louis? Or will anything some-more wilful come out??

One thing seems certain: Tig is right. Louis isn’t a one who’s going to open adult about it.

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