THIS Woman Allegedly Cooked Her Chihuahua To Death In An Oven Because She Thought Her Ex Was INSIDE The Animal…

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Earlier this month, an Oregon lady allegedly baked her pet Chihuahua to genocide in an oven since she suspicion her ex-boyfriend was INSIDE a animal.

According to Clatsop County Jail records, Noelle Georgia Moor (above) has been charged with first-degree animal abuse for a purported incident.

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Clatsop County District Attorney Joshua Marquis told People that on Mar 19, authorities arrived during a 28-year-old’s chateau during slightest twice over a dispute. When they entered a property, they “realized something was really wrong,” and eventually found a bad dog in a oven.

Court annals performed by The Oregonian say Moor, who was incarcerated during Columbia Memorial Hospital, believed a former fire was indeed inside a canine.

Although Marquis is available a formula of her mental health investigation, “it’s expected going to be rubbed as a rapist case,” adding:

“A lot of people who do really weird things also have mental health issues.”

The think is now during a Clatsop County Jail, and will seem in justice on Tuesday.

[Image around Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office.]

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