This Ostrich Egg Chocolate Is WAY Better Than an Easter Bunny

This Ostrich Egg Chocolate Is WAY Better Than an Easter Bunny

It’s not even March, and a Internet is freaking out over this chocolate ostrich egg from Hotel Chocolat. Yes, it’s from a UK, and yes, it’ll set we behind £75 (plus £15 shipped to a US). That’s roughly $125. Before we panic, listen to what’s inside a darling hatbox. The dual extra-thick half-chocolate shells are indeed different. One is 40 percent divert chocolate with crispy puffed rice and crunchy cookies (think imagination Nestlé Crunch bar), and a other is 50 percent divert chocolate with frail feuilletine (think Ferrero Rocher). Inside a shells, there are 27 chocolate candies. The many delightful-sounding are carrot cake (with genuine carrots and walnuts), billionaire’s shortbread (caramel, hazelnuts, and shortbread), and Eton disaster (crisp meringue and strawberry mousse). But if that seems too extreme for you, there’s always a Just Milk Extra Thick Easter Egg, that will usually set we behind £27 (plus shipping).

Would You Pay That Much For an Ostrich Egg?

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