This aged print of Frida Kahlo in a sari will make your day

Frida Kahlo (C) in a sari. (Source: Instagram/borderandfall)

A lot has been pronounced about Mexican artist and romantic Frida Kahlo, though not many know of her sartorial tie with India. Those who follow a individualist artist, are wakeful that her residence in Mexico, La Casa Azul, is a value trove of products including her iconic Tehuana-style floor-length dresses, Shalimar by Guerlain perfumes, Revlon spike polishes, cat-eye sunglasses, pleasing flower crowns, and not to forget, abounding red lipsticks. We weren’t wakeful that Kahlo also favourite to examination with her character though now a sketch has flush in that she can be seen wearing a sari, scarcely 6 decades after her death.

Digital announcement Border and Fall common a print on Instagram where she is accompanied by dual women on any side. Rumour has it that they are Indian diplomat and politician Vijay Lakshmi Pandit’s daughters and a strange design seemed in a coffee list book. Kahlo can be seen wearing a printed sari with a white blouse and a complicated choker and solid earrings along with her Indian attire.

We always knew that unfamiliar beauties had a mindfulness with a 6 yard wonder, though we never illusory Kahlo had too. But not everybody wears it for fun. Recently, Stacey Jacobs, a lady from a US wore racial Indian handloom saris to applaud 100 days of insurgency to Donald Trump and his ideology.

The lady chose South-Asian wardrobe as her arms of criticism because, “It is an surprising demeanour for a white woman. My wish was that Americans would make comments or ask questions about because we dressed like that. we also hoped to denote oneness with South Asian families in my village — and indeed all people of colour.”

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