This is what tellurian warming would do to a ‘Game of Thrones’ planet


The warring inhabitants of Westeros — one of a 4 famous continents in a Game of Thrones world — dismay a planet’s long, revengeful winters. But a tellurian warming eventuality there, stoked by an liquid of CO dioxide into a atmosphere, would expected be even some-more dire. 

Earlier this week, University of Bristol meridian scientist Dan Lunt published a study that modeled a doubling of CO dioxide on a Game of Thrones anticipation world. His formula uncover that if these levels doubled over a march of a century, a normal heat on a world would comfortable by over 2 degrees Celsius, or about 3.5 Fahrenheit. This climatic change would make some areas scarcely uninhabitable and unleash harmful healthy disasters. Read more…

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