Things Do NOT Look Good For The Weinstein Company As Financiers Pull Out & Lawsuits Come Trickling In!

twc might be doomed

The Weinstein Company might be cursed following Harvey Weinstein‘s ousting.

As we formerly reported, a indie film noble was dismissed from his association after The New York Times and The New Yorker unearthed decades value of sexual nuisance and rape allegations. Man, oh man.

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And while a preference to glow Harvey was clearly a right one, it seems there is some financial result to vouchsafing a Hollywood heavyweight go. According to TMZ, a vital film banker has private a loan from TWC given Harvey is no longer heading a company.

Apparently, AI International Holdings fronted a $45 million loan to TWC final year and has given demanded that a income be returned. Yikes!

In a minute created by AI’s authorised group for TWC’s lawyers during O’Melveny Myers, a association claims that “the exclusion of Harvey Weinstein from his position as co-chairman” creates a “material inauspicious change.” In short: Weinstein’s banishment allows them to ask for an evident amends of a loan.

AI isn’t a foreigner to a party attention as a association financed several blockbusters — including Lee Daniels‘ The Butler, Hacksaw Ridge, and a arriving crack I, Tonya.

To make matters worse, TWC has been strike with a initial lawsuit post-Harvey. It’s pronounced a lawsuit has been filed by former Paramount President of Production Brad Weston and writer Michael Menchel. The attention vets explain they constructed a James Corden led One Chance for a reduced price in sell for behind finish profits.

The producing span concluded to this understanding as TWC betrothed that a film would seem on 800 screens, though in reality, usually showed on 43. Damn.

Understandably, Weston and Menchel are seeking $1.25 million each. As it’s believed that Harvey was a linchpin for TWC’s years of success, these updates supplement some-more fuel to a report glow that a mini-major film studio can’t final but a scandalized filmmaker.

Sucks to suck, The Weinstein Company!

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