Theresa May in Turkey: UK agrees £100m counterclaim deal

Prime Minister Theresa May assembly with a President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a Presidential Palace in Ankara, Turkey.Image copyright

Britain has concluded a £100m counterclaim understanding to assistance rise warrior jets for a Turkish atmosphere force.

The proclamation came as UK Prime Minister Theresa May met a Turkish boss and primary apportion in Ankara.

Mrs May pronounced a counterclaim agreement “underlines once again that Britain is a great, global, trade nation”.

She pronounced a UK would lift trade family with Turkey, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pronounced his nation would boost trade to $20bn (£16bn).

The counterclaim agreement between BAE Systems and Turkish Aerospace Industries is for a Turkish Fighter Programme.

The understanding would pave a approach for a deeper counterclaim partnership and assistance to guarantee pivotal roles during BAE Systems, a proclamation says.

Mrs May said: “It outlines a start of a new and deeper trade attribute with Turkey and will potentially secure British and Turkish jobs and wealth for decades to come.”

BAE Systems arch executive Ian King pronounced it “signals an sparkling subsequent step in family between both Turkey and a UK”.

The agreement was announced after talks with Prime Minster Benali Yildirim.


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Theresa May laid a spray during a tomb of Turkey’s owner Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

By Mark Lowen, BBC Turkey correspondent

With trade tip of a agenda, this counterclaim understanding will be welcomed by Theresa May as a pointer of what post-Brexit Britain can grasp in shared talks.

Her supervision has been penetrating to boost British trade with another large economy on a fork of a EU – so design extended exchange with Turkey to come.

Security team-work too was underneath discussion, with Europe depending on Turkey to urge a eastern flank.

And importantly, Mrs May lifted a emanate of tellurian rights, maybe placating her critics in a UK who pronounced she was wrong to go top in palm to Turkey.

More than 140,000 people have been arrested, dangling or discharged given a unsuccessful manoeuvre and Turkey is a world’s biggest jailer of journalists.

She will have had to present a subject delicately with a boss who gives critics brief shrift.

But after talks with dual argumentative leaders, Mrs May will emerge from these dual days some-more capable in ethereal tact than ever.

Mrs May settled that Turkey was one of a UK’s “oldest friends” though most some-more could be finished to build on that relationship.

For his part, Mr Erdogan announced that Turkey directed to boost trade with a UK to $20bn a year from $15.6bn.

Mrs May pronounced Britain and Turkey would settle a corner operative organisation to ready a belligerent for a UK’s post-Brexit trade relationship.

As they spoke to a media, she said: “You mentioned, Mr President, a opportunities for enhancing a trade between a dual countries. And we’ve discussed that.

“And we both wish to build on a existent links. And we trust that doing so will be to a advantage of both a countries and for a wealth of both a nations.”

Mrs May described a discussions as “very fruitful”.

Mr Erdogan said: “The UK and Turkey will suffer a really opposite inlet and a really opposite position.”

Mrs May had come underneath vigour to lift tellurian rights issues with Mr Erdogan on her initial primary ministerial revisit to Turkey.

A state of puncture has been imposed, involving waves of arrests, countless media outlets sealed and many open officials private given a failed troops coup in Jul 2016.

Mrs May said: “I am unapproachable that a UK stood with we on Jul 15th final year in counterclaim of your democracy.

“Now it is critical that Turkey sustains that democracy by progressing a order of law and support a tellurian rights obligations as a supervision has undertaken to do.”

Mrs May and Mr Erdogan also discussed Cyprus, Syria and aviation security.

The primary apportion pronounced Turkey and Britain were operative together in Syria to quarrel supposed Islamic State and emanate a conditions for peace.

Nearly a month ago, 39 people were killed in an conflict on a New Year’s Eve celebration during a nightclub in Istanbul.

IS pronounced it was behind a attack and a belligerent organisation was related to during slightest dual other attacks in Turkey final year.

The primary apportion arrived in Ankara from a US where she met US President Donald Trump.

Earlier, Brexit Secretary David Davis likely a “round of tellurian trade deals” would be “fully negotiated” within 12 to 24 months, entrance into force when a UK left a EU.

The supervision skeleton to start a grave two-year Brexit routine by triggering Article 50 by a finish of March.