Theo Rossi & Meghan McDermott Expecting Baby No. 2


Congratulations are in sequence for Theo Rossi and Meghan McDermott.

The Sons of Anarchy star, 41, and his mother are awaiting their second child, they announced Tuesday (May 9) on a red runner during the Los Angeles special screening of his new movie, Lowriders.

The integrate – who were wed in 2014 – are already relatives to 23-month-old son Kane Alexander.

“I’m vehement for my son. I’m vehement for my wife. I’m vehement for my family. I’m vehement for me,” Rossi told PEOPLE during a premiere. “I mean, there’s zero bigger and improved in life. It took me a prolonged time to comprehend that, though we know during a finish of a day it’s family first. None of this exists but it.”

The integrate are formulation on a warn delivery.

“He understands baby as most as he can. He only sees my belly,” McDermott pronounced of their toddler. “He kisses my belly. He says goodnight to a baby. I’ve been display him small baby videos. It’s cute. He only likes to lick my belly, that we consider is adorable.”

Last month, a unapproachable pappy posted a photo holding Kane after finishing a race.

Congratulations to a Rossi-McDermott family!

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