The Young and a Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Will Ian Ward Reveal Sully-Christian Truth, Expose Dr Anderson’s Baby Swap Secret

The Young and a Restless (YR) Spoilers: Will Ian Ward Reveal Sully-Christian Truth, Expose Dr Anderson's Baby Swap Secret

“The Young and The Restless” (YR) spoilers provoke that Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) and Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan) are dynamic to get to a bottom of what Dr Anderson (Elizabeth Bogush) was adult to, yet they might not be means to figure it out on their own. Could Ian Ward (Ray Wise) assistance them?

Consider this. Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) is not wholesome and is totally freaked out about being indicted of murdering Dr A – that she might or might not have done. Sure we saw a flashback of a murder in her mind, yet Patty is a bulb job, magnify her heart, and might not be remembering what unequivocally happened.

The problem is, many of Dr Anderson’s secrets are sealed adult parsimonious in Patty’s conduct and even yet she’s got a screw loose, it doesn’t demeanour like they can examine open her mind and see what’s in there. So how can Dylan and Sage find out what Patty knows? Perhaps they need to speak to a crony of hers.

Patty didn’t have a lot of friends in this universe – she had her amatory hermit Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) and a intent of her stalkerish love – Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) – yet no buddies solely one – Ian Ward!

Patty unequivocally favourite Ian and spent lots of time with him after she discovered him from blazing adult in his possess fire (a really Nietzschean judgment for those into philosophy) during a Newman tower. While Patty and Ian were stealing out, she might have spilled her secrets to her pal.

But who could comprehend that Ian might have believe they need? Paul, for starters, should know. Patty talked to Paul about how good Ian was to her and how most she favourite him. The problem is Paul is assured that Patty killed Dr A and isn’t questioning anymore – he only close down.

Can Dylan get his father to snap out of it and take a closer demeanour during Dr A’s murder? Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) also seems reduction invested in following adult so it might be down to Sage and Dylan to find out a awful tasks that Dr Anderson carried out and a terrible secrets Patty has been keeping.

As distant as we know, Ian Ward is behind in jail, so it should be no problem for Dylan and Sage to speak to a former cult personality – they only need to comprehend that he has information they need. And, of course, Ian might wish something in sell for a truth, yet they can work that out.

What do we consider YR fans? Does Ian know all of Dr Anderson’s secrets since Patty spilled them while they were on a run? Will Dylan or Sage comprehend that Ian could be a pivotal to removing info they need if Patty stays totally unintelligible?

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