The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Marisa Pregnant – Noah or Luca Her Baby Daddy?

The Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Marisa Pregnant - Noah or Luca Her Baby Daddy?

The Young and The Restless” (YR) spoilers tease that Marisa Sierras (Sofia Pernas) may once again be the object of intense rivalry between Luca Santori (Miles Gaston Villanueva) and Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) – and it’s about paternity.

Luca seems to be taking it calmly that Marisa ran off to the Caribbean with Noah for a shagfest and to help Noah hide out from the GCPD for his hit and run against Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson). In fact, Luca is now solely focused on Summer Newman (Hunter King), but that could change.

It’s not clear yet whether Luca’s pursuit of Summer is about pleasure, business, or both, but she may soon be forgotten if Marisa breaks the news that she’s pregnant. After what happened with the last Marisa-Luca baby, Marisa may not be too keen on Luca being her baby daddy again.

If Marisa does turn up preggers, no doubt she’ll be hoping it’s Noah’s child and not Luca’s. Noah would likely be thrilled since he’s happy to be with his Spanish hottie and a baby would mean that she’s all his and Luca would be out of her life for good.

Of course, Luca is like a bad penny that keeps turning up, so he would probably assume the baby is his – and realistically, the odds are in his favor since he and Marisa have been getting intimate every chance they got in recent weeks – until she dumped him.

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) would be furious to know he’s expecting a great-grandchild from Marisa’s womb since he hates her and thinks she’s a grifter piece of garbage. No doubt Victor would encourage Noah to doubt the child is his – and might even rig paternity results in favor of Luca.

However, even if the child is shown to be Luca’s (whether the DNA test is accurate or not), Noah would agree to pretend the baby is his to protect Marisa from Luca. YR spoilers indicate that Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) will experience a miscarriage thanks to her angry stepson.

So that leaves room in the plotline for another pregnancy, whether it comes to fruition or not. But if Marisa does turn out to be knocked up, she should watch out. Victor would be lurking at every corner to push her down a flight of stairs, or see to it that she miscarries in some other way.

And as for Luca, if he thought the baby was Noah’s, he might do the same. No one wants both Luca and Victor coming after them (shudder)…. Let’s hope Marisa was conscientious in her birth control – but likely she was not – otherwise we may be looking at a double baby daddy dilemma soon.

What do you think YR fans? Do you think Marisa will turn up pregnant soon? She wants to lock down Noah, so she may have tossed her pills out the window on the way to that sexy tropical island to ensure she could get him to stay with her for good.

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