The World’s Most Expensive Panini Press Wants to Make Your Life Easier

At initial glance, we competence consider a Cinder Grill is a unchanging panini press, though you’d be wrong. It’s a new $400 cooking device that claims to be a world’s initial pointing grill, that means it cooks all to a accurate temperature. With a tagline “cook food perfectly,” a Cinder claims that overcooking is unfit and food can stay within 1° of a aim heat for hours inside a Cinder. With aspirations to reinstate a sous vide, a Cinder not usually cooks dishes all a approach by though also allows we to flare them on a same surface.

Founded in San Francisco, a Cinder Grill is now available for squeeze on a crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The locate is, it’ll usually be accessible for a singular time, and 1,000 people have already claimed one. It’s easy to see because a high-tech apparatus is so appealing, though is it value a price? Read on to learn some of a best facilities a Cinder has to offer, and what we can prepare with it (spoiler: many things), and confirm if it competence be right for you.