The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers – The Saviors and Negan Arrive in February

The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers – The Saviors and Negan Arrive in February1

The Walking Dead deteriorate 6 won’t lapse for scarcely dual months, though we have spoilers and sum of what happens next! After conjecture began brewing in deteriorate 5 of TWD, a uncover has finally suggested that The Saviors and Negan will arrive in February.

Season 6, part 8 of The Walking Dead left some fans underwhelmed. Characters done decisions they routinely wouldn’t and a cliffhanger seemed abrupt. But there might be a reason for that condensed cliffhanger.

Season 6, part 9 patrician ‘No Way Out’ will lapse on Feb 14 and collect adult right where a mid-season TWD culmination left off. The genocide of Jessie and her family will come, though not until a AMC uncover earnings after a holidays.

Another teaser expelled by AMC finally confirms Negan and The Saviors. The uncover has been hinting during a rarely expected knave given deteriorate 5, though a two-minute hide voluntary shown on Talking Dead was transparent clear (see video below).

As Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham make their approach down a road, they come opposite a organisation of bikers restraint their way. Clearly, they are The Saviors. After perfectionist a contingent exit a truck, a orator of The Saviors final all they have.

The motorcycle roving Saviors tell them to palm it all over – all from their weapons to a accumulate of puncture napkins in a core console of a truck. Why? As a orator for a bikers states – it all belongs to Negan.

News of Negan’s casting was expelled a few weeks ago notwithstanding AMC’s thinly potential try of covering a ask by job a impression Orion. Jeffrey Dean Morgan scored a purpose of Rick’s new nemesis.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers – The Saviors and Negan Arrive in February

Sci-Fi/fantasy fans will know Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Supernatural as Dean and Sam’s father or as The Comedian from Watchmen. And a ladies desired JDM in his purpose on Grey’s Anatomy as Denny Duquette.

Morgan was speckled on TWD set wielding a barbwire wrapped bat that The Walking Dead striking novel fans will commend as “Lucille.” The stage being filmed concerned Morgan’s impression Negan overhanging a bat regularly during a dummy.

This stage hinted that Negan’s coming in a deteriorate 6 culmination of TWD will move a genocide of a vital character. In a striking novels, Glenn is killed by Negan, though a uncover is famous for adjusting a plot.

Which vital impression do we consider Negan will kill off in a deteriorate 6 culmination of ‘The Walking Dead’? Will The Saviors attainment in Feb meant Rick and his organisation will have a fight with Negan earlier than we thought?

Let us know your thoughts in a criticism territory next and stay tuned to CDL for some-more “The Walking Dead” spoilers and news.