The Walking Dead Recap – Jesus Is Not a Savior: Season 6 Episode 11 “Knots Untie”

The Walking Dead Recap - Jesus Is Not a Savior: Season 6 Episode 11 Knots Untie

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all a bloody integrity with an all new Sunday Feb 28, Season 6 part 11 called “Knots Untie” and we have your weekly summation below. On tonight’s episode, after Rick (Andrew Lincoln) comes to a fulfilment that Alexandria competence not be as protected as he thought.

On a final part of The Walking Dead, a clearly elementary scavenging run valid to be really wily when a organisation wasn’t a usually one opposed for an astonishing supply goldmine. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and minute summation right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a AMC synopsis, “after Rick comes to a fulfilment that Alexandria competence not be as protected as he thought, decisions contingency be done about where to go from here.”

You aren’t going to wish to skip any of a maturation movement tonight and conjunction do I. We’ll be recapping a deteriorate 6 part 9 live right here for we during 9pm. In a meantime, strike adult a comments and tell us what you’re awaiting from a deteriorate 6 winter premiere. Who do we consider is going to die tonight, any vital characters or usually a unchanging walkers.

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#WalkingDead starts with Sasha and Abraham walking into a Alexandria blockade and him revelation her quarrel stories that she laughs at. He mentions Maggie carrying a baby and says it’s a dauntless new world. He says see we tomorrow though she says she’s holding a new watch shift.

She says Eugene is holding over for her with Abraham. He’s not thrilled. He says see we around and she says yeah and walks away. She flashes a assent pointer and he offers it back. Abraham is in bed after with Rosita though was meditative about Sasha.

Rosita says she taught Eugene about weapons and he’s training her about chemistry. He flirts with her like he wasn’t meditative about another woman.  She throws him a necklace she done for him. Abraham says she’s roughly perfect.

Rosita tells him to uncover her and says shower. He says in a few. He looks during a necklace she done of a damaged taillight and thinks some-more about Sasha. Maggie is putting adult tomato stakes that night when Glenn finds her. She says they can grow some-more tomatoes some-more going vertical.

Maggie’s stressed she hasn’t seen any flourishing nonetheless though Glenn says they’ll grow and it will be okay. They see dual people using into a groundwork and they go to investigate. Jesus sits on a stairs during a residence and looks during picture.

Carl puts a gun to his conduct and asks given he’s in a house. Jesus says he’s watchful on his mom and father to get dressed. He says his name is Jesus. Rick comes out as Abraham, Daryl and Glenn rush in with guns. They all lay down to talk.

They ask how he got out and Jesus says one ensure can’t watch dual exits afterwards says he checked out a arsenal and it’s good though their reserve are low. He says that’s not a lot of food for 54 people. Jesus says they’re on a same side – that of a living.

He tells him he and Rick could have left him out there though didn’t. He says his pursuit is to find other settlements to trade with. He says he stole their lorry given they looked like difficulty and is wrong. Jesus says their communities can trade.

He says they have food and other provisions. Maggie asks if he’s already trade with other groups. Jesus tells them their universe is about to get bigger. Daryl packs to leave and Denise gives him some food for a trip. He declines it. He takes a cake and says it looks like shit.

Denise says shit is improved than highway kill. Carl loads gas cans and afterwards Rick comes out and says they have to take a risk to see if it’s true. He also tells him that he was going to tell him about Michonne. Carl says he doesn’t wish to go given his blank eye will make a bad impression.

Daryl, Abraham, Rick, Michonne, Glenn and Maggie leave to float to a new place. Glenn has his hands on Maggie’s swell as she sleeps. Abraham asks if they were perplexing to get pregnant. Glenn says they talked about it afterwards asks why.

Abraham says given a dangers of a world, he’s repelled anyone would make a baby. Glenn says they’re perplexing to build something. Abraham says he’s gripping his things lonesome and skeleton to double up. Michonne and Rick reason hands and Jesus sits behind them starting during them.

Daryl spots a automobile pile-up that looks recent. They lift over. Jesus says it’s one of his and runs for a doorway of a RV. There’s a burnt hiker trapped underneath a automobile and another impaled in a grill. Rick binds a gun on Jesus and says if it’s a trap, this won’t go well.

Jesus says his people aren’t fighters. There are marks to a circuitously building. Daryl mentions a firecracker pretence that Jesus pulled on them. They fetter Jesus and leave him with a others while some go to see if they can find his people.

Maggie is left with a gun on Jesus while a others go into a building. Inside, they ensue with caution. They can hear snarls of walkers. They put a integrate down and afterwards they tell a people to come out. They find dual who put their hands adult afterwards Daryl takes out a integrate some-more walkers.

They find one some-more who says his crony is in there and harm from a crash. Abraham creeps by a place listening to snarls. The harmed male comes out and he grabs him and they assistance him out. They bucket adult Jesus’ people into a RV and expostulate off.

Harlan introduces himself to Maggie and she broach Glenn. He says they found drugs they indispensable so he might have found others. Harlan says he’s a doc and Glenn asks about prenatal vitamins. Harlan says he was an obstetrician before and so they strike a jackpot.

Jesus keeps an eye on a harmed Freddie who says he suspicion Abraham was going to kill him, he suspicion it was finally over and saw his passed mother transparent as day. He sounds dissapoint to be alive. The RV gets stranded and Jesus says they’re there. The wheels are stranded in a mud. They all get out.

Jesus says that’s a hilltop. They are during another walled community. At a gates, people have guns out and Jesus tells Cal to stop it. They exclude to give adult their guns and Harlan says they saved them. Jesus says he’ll let him keep their guns afterwards says they ran out of ammo months ago.

Jesus says I’m guileless we –  now trust us. Rick looks around and gives a sign. Jesus tells Cal to open a gates. They do and they use a camp residence inside. They see crops growing, a blacksmith, someone feeding chickens and some-more signs of life.

Harlan tells Maggie to come see him in a medical trailer after and he goes off with a harmed Freddie. Jesus says there was a circuitously energy association and that’s where they got a materials from a walls. He says a lot of people came from FEMA camps and brought a trailers.

Jesus says a residence is famous – it’s called Barrington – and was a vital story vaunt so locals came given they figured given it was built to tarry before complicated conveniences, it would still be good. He points out a high windows during a tip and says they can see from miles around.

They conduct into a outrageous palace and Jesus says many have been converted to sleeping space. Gregory comes out and Jesus introduces him. He says he’s a trainer and Rick introduces himself though a male says to go get spotless up.

Rick says they’re fine. Gregory says go get spotless adult – it’s tough to keep this place clean. Jesus tells them to follow him. Rick whispers to Maggie that she needs to speak to Gregory given he shouldn’t and she needs to start doing these things.

Daryl and Abraham speak about Michonne and Rick removing bustling and he asks Daryl if he’s prepared to settle down. Daryl asks if he thinks she’ll settle afterwards walks off. Maggie comes to Gregory’s bureau and he calls her Natalie and she corrects him firmly.

He says he came to this place once when it was a museum. He asks if her village is this good afterwards asks if they’re flourishing crops. He says Jesus told him they had guns. He asks about a infirmary. Maggie asks if he has adequate to trade.

Gregory says she can see what he’s built. He says Jesus told them they are brief on food and Gregory says they don’t have shit and he’s happy to assistance though can’t give things divided for free. He tells her that people can work there to acquire their share.

He says she’d be acquire to come stay there and says he can make it value her while. She says stop entrance on to me and says she knows he needs bullets and medicine. He calls her Natalie again and says good talk.

He says they’re doing excellent afterwards asks if they are too. Jesus tells them that Gregory will trade though usually wants a best deal. He says they don’t need ammo given a walls will hold. Rick flattering most threatens him if they don’t get food.

Jesus says he’ll go speak to Gregory and asks Rick to give him a few days. Michonne agrees so Rick says yeah. They hear noises and afterwards one of a wall guards says – they’re back. They all go outside. Ethan comes behind and he tells Gregory that Tim and Marsha are dead.

They tell him that Negan says a smoothness wasn’t adequate so they kept Craig. Then Ethan says he has to broach a summary from Negan and stabs Gregory coming. The organisation is pounded by a 3 that came behind from Negan.

Daryl snaps a guy’s arm that’s slaying Abraham. Ethan is choking Rick and when Michonne threatens him, Rick stabs him in a neck. Rick gets adult lonesome in blood and looks during everybody and says – what.

A lady runs adult and punches Rick and Michonne garments lines her. Some guys come during them with pointy instruments and tell Rick to chuck down a gun. He says no. Jesus tells everybody to ease down. The locals go check Gregory.

Daryl asks if Abraham is excellent and he laughs and says he’s improved than all right. A lady cries over Ethan’s physique as Maggie watches. Jesus comes and says Gregory will live. Rick asks about Negan and who he is. Jesus says Negan is conduct of a Saviors.

He says they came as shortly as they walls went adult and done final afterwards kick a 16 year aged child to genocide in front of them and told them they indispensable to understand. Jesus says Greg isn’t a personality he would have selected and done a understanding with a Saviors. They get half of everything.

He says in lapse they don’t conflict kill them. Daryl asks given not kill them and Rick asks how many does Negan have. Jesus says they’ve seen groups as large as 20. Daryl says a male is usually a boogey man. Abraham says they took out some of Negan’s guys.

Daryl says they’ll take out Negan if they offshoot them adult with food, medicine and a cow. Rick says they have no difficulty with confrontation. Jesus says he’ll take it to Gregory. Rick and Michonne speak as they watch a locals bake a integrate of bodies.

Rick says they have food and we have skills. Maggie says it will cost them something. Jesus comes out and says Gregory wants to speak to Maggie usually when Rick stairs forward. Rick tells her Deanna was right to select her and Jesus tells Maggie that Greg can be a prick. She says she knows.

Maggie goes to see Gregory who is bedridden. She says he’s propitious they were there. Greg asks how they know they can accomplish what they’re observant they can do. Maggie says give us reserve and we’ll take caring of a Saviors permanently.

Greg says before she didn’t like a thought of operative for them and now is charity to do this. Maggie says they are peaceful to work for food. Greg says he’ll get them reserve and will speak to Jesus about a arrangements.

Greg says this is fun and exciting. Maggie stares during him and says half of what we have. She says Negan is awaiting some-more and some-more from them. She says flattering shortly they won’t have anything left, afterwards what. She says no ammo, no fighters, and he’s a passed man.

Maggie says half of all of it right now or no deal. Maggie says she has leverage. Gregory says congratulations, it’s a deal. He asks if she wants a kidney or anything else. Maggie says she wants one some-more thing.

Later, they container adult a RV and Jesus says even Negan didn’t get this most adult front. They move out a male who creates deliveries and says we need information and we need to come. The male thinks afterwards says yeah.

They container adult all a things and Jesus asks if he can come along. He says Michonne still has his knives. Rick asks Michonne if she’s adult for this and she says it’s going to be a fight. Rick says we’ll win given we have to. She agrees and gets into a RV.

Rick looks around a place. Maggie is removing an ultrasound from a OB and she and Glenn reason hands while they listen to their baby’s heartbeat and see a small pod they’re growing. Later they uncover Michonne a pic from a ultrasound. She hands it to Daryl who smiles. Abraham checks it out too and smiles during Glenn.