‘The Voice': Celine Dion, John Legend, DJ Khaled and Luke Bryan Join as Team Advisers

The Voice has denounced a deteriorate 12 guest advisers, and it’s an considerable roster, with Celine Dion, John Legend, DJ Khaled and Luke Bryan all on board.

Dion will offer manager Gwen Stefani’s team, Legend will work with Adam Levine’s squad, Khaled will offer some vital keys to Alicia Key’s pupils, and Luke Bryan will support his crony and associate nation luminary Blake Shelton’s roster.

The announcements came Friday by a series of media channels. Dion and Stefani seemed on a Today uncover to plead their partnership. In their interview, Stefani pronounced removing Dion on her group was “the prize” and was certain to dissapoint a other coaches.

Watch a talk below.

Meanwhile, Keys and Khaled also were on a TV circuit and assimilated Extra to announce a writer and all around inspirational figure’s further to a show.

“I feel like it’s so implausible to have a farrago that I’m means to move to a show, generally by Khaled,” pronounced Keys. “I feel like there’s so many ways to demeanour during music, there’s so many ways to create. It’s not only about being a good performer, it’s about being a celebrity and for a appetite that we move to come out. And we consider that is what Khaled does really naturally.”

For his part, Khaled naturally betrothed to move positivity to his role.

“If a room is dark, I’m a lightbulb,” he said. “I try to move a best out of a people we work with.”

The Voice‘s 12th deteriorate debuts Feb. 27 during 8 p.m. on NBC.

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