The Vampire Diaries Recap – Witch Babies Born: Season 7 Episode 13 “This Woman’s Work”

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Witch Babies Born: Season 7 Episode 13 This Woman's Work

Tonight on a CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Friday Feb 19, deteriorate 7 part 13 called “This Woman’s Work,” and we have your weekly summation and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Caroline’s (Candice King) life is put in risk when complications arise from her abnormal pregnancy.

On a final episode, Damon, underneath a forward change of Julian, spiraled out of control. Meanwhile, Caroline gifted some dangerous side effects due to her abnormal pregnancy and was forced to spin to Valerie for help. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a CW synopsis, “Caroline’s life is put in risk when complications arise from her abnormal pregnancy. Meanwhile, Enzo army Damon to assistance him lane down Rayna Cruz, a cruel vampire hunter who is on a loose. However, Damon’s actions inadvertently put everybody he loves in Rayna’s path.”

You’re not going to wish to skip any of a movement tonight, so balance in during 8PM EST to a CW to locate a latest. We’ll be live recapping a deteriorate 7 part 13 for we right here and in a meantime, strike adult a comments territory and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries starts in Louisiana in 1842. A immature Rayna wakes to her father beside a fire. He talks about his tattoo – a hunter’s mark. She asks given she can’t see a genuine one and when will she gets hers. He says if he does his pursuit right, she will live in a vampire giveaway world.

Ryan refuses to eat until he teachers her to fight. He pulls out a blade and says it’s a good distance for her. Her father says ready yourself. We see her comparison and ring with him 15 years later. He tells her battles are won in a mind and she contingency trust she can kick him.

She gets a dump on him finally afterwards they hear an alarm and he says vampires. She wants to go with her father though he says not today. He says one day it might be her burden, though it’s not today. Now, Rayna is childish and immature again and Enzo has her behind glass.

She finds out she can’t mangle it and he tells her not to harm herself. She punches until she bloodies her hand. She runs and crashes by usually as Enzo says he needs to composed her. Damon has a vampire chicky with him dancing around in her undies as they booze.

She pours blood in with vodka and afterwards he hears a automobile hail and says she has to go. He clicks off a song and shoves her out a doorway as Bonnie comes in a front door. She says she needs a splash and a buddy. She says she’ll demeanour past him roughly murdering her.

She’s dumbfounded he’s out of scotch and asks if he’s celebrating Julian’s death. He didn’t know that Stefan took him out. She asks if he’s talked to Enzo afterwards says she had an engaging confront with Nora and Mary Louise. She says Enzo stole a hunter’s corpse.

Stefan comes behind to a sanatorium and finds Caroline looking bad. She’s taken into medicine as he paces angry. Valerie shows adult with coffee and says he has each right to be upset. She asks what he told a docs and he says he compelled them.

Valerie says she compelled them to close down a wing for a vampire c-section. He says Caroline hasn’t woken adult yet. She says she attempted to stop a desiccation. Stefan says he should not have left her. Valerie says he had to save Damon. Stefan complains about Damon.

He says he couldn’t find a difference to tell Caroline that Damon burnt adult Elena. Valerie calms him down. Bonnie asks Damon who’s pants she found and he says Krystal with a K and she says – classy. He says he’s a sinister charlatan and Bonnie doesn’t judge.

She says Elena told him to live his life so he should. She says a miss of standards is an issue, though him carrying sex is not a bad thing. Damon takes a call from Enzo who wants Bonnie. She says he’s a untrustworthy aged lady remains stealer.

He says he needs Rayna’s sword. Bonnie says no way. He asks if Bonnie knows that Damon incinerated her BFF in her casket. He says what if Bonnie found out that he gave Elena a Viking wake – – he tells Damon to move him a sword or he’ll tell her.

Damon ends a call and says he has something to tell her. He says he needs a outrageous favor. Alaric races home and Stefan says they have to do a c-section now. He tells Stefan to do what they need to so they can save Caroline and a kids. Valerie tells him to hurry.

The c-section starts. As a alloy cuts in, Caroline’s vitals go crazy and a scalpel won’t cut afterwards a instruments go flying. Valerie says a babies wish to stay inside Caroline and keep feeding on her. In Saint Malo, 1857, Rayna finds bloody and devastation.

Julian has her father there and he’s badly wounded. Julian mocks him. Rayna sneaks closer. Julian mocks him and says his genocide has no definition given he saved no one. He grabs him adult and Rayna shouts stop. She tells Julian to let his father go. Julian threatens her.

She says if he kills one of a five, he’ll be cheerless by a Hunter’s Curse. Julian says that’s a conundrum. He says he has an thought afterwards says he won’t kill her father – she will. He quiets her afterwards compels her to kill her father. He says be dauntless like your father taught you.

Julian says he’s failing already and to give him a kind finish to his misery. Rayna has no choice though to kill her father. She cries and speaks his name as she heads towards him. He says it’s not her error and tells her this is not her error – never forget that.

He says to remember what he taught her and lift on their legacy. She raises a blade and he says he’ll be with her along a way. She kills him. Bonnie asks Damon given he wants to give a blade to Enzo and final to know why.

He says leave it alone though she asks what he did and says it can’t be worse than Krystal. She says she might leave a minute biography entrance for Elena about his conquest. He says go ahead. Bonnie says she’s his BFF and he should tell her.

He says he can’t tell her given she’s his best crony and begs her to leave it alone. She gives him Rayna’s blade. Stefan tells Caroline, who is now awake, that a babies wish to stay. He says Valerie is going to try and set adult a garland of sorcery to captivate a babies out of her belly.

She asks him to call Bonnie and he says Valerie went to get assistance – she needs Mary Lou, Nora and Beau. Caroline doesn’t like that and says they attempted to kill her before. Stefan says he won’t let anything occur to her.

Damon comes to accommodate Enzo and Bonnie is with him. They see Enzo is tied adult and Rayna has a arms on them. Bonnie stares during her and Damon asks if he remembers them sealed adult behind in a day. Bonnie asks who she is and Rayna says she doesn’t commend her.

Enzo says that’s Rayna Cruz. Bonnie is repelled and Damon says she’s not bad for an 80 year aged corpse. She asks Damon for a sword and he mocks her and she shoots Bonnie with an arrow to a gut. Damon says fetch and throws it out a window. Rayna leaves.

He tends to Bonnie. Back in a day, we see a immature Rayna with genealogical elders. She’s seeking probity and they have her splash a tea of insurance so sorcery won’t reason her and she will be strong. They scapegoat themselves so that Rayna can have all of their lives.

Rayna watches in fear as they off themselves. She says she didn’t ask for them to die. But a personality says they live on within her. He hands her a blade and says it’s a arms of visualisation that thirsts for a blood of those who chase on us. He links her suggestion to a sword.

He says a sword takes in vampire blood and will beam her in their destruction. The personality says revenge your father, revenge us all and he stabs himself too. We see Julian in England, 1903. He’s dipsomaniac and singing. Mary Lou and Nora are with him and Beau.

Beau sings though afterwards a blade goes by his throat – it’s Rayna. She comes during Julian who is means to hit Rayna out. They tend to Beau who is not healing. Julian tells them to book thoroughfare to New York and to tell Lily right now. They speed divided from a scene.

Now, Rayna grabs her sword. The witches accumulate and intone over Caroline. Stefan talks to Alaric and says a heretics are their best chance. He says what Caroline is doing is so vital and begs Stefan not to let anything occur to his children.

They intone and a doctors start a c-section again. They cut into Caroline’s swell and Stefan tells Alaric he thinks it’s working. Beau’s neck starts to drain and Valerie sees his injure is bleeding. They all run out. Bonnie drinks Damon’s blood to heal. She interjection him.

Enzo asks if this is good and they can let him out. Bonnie and Damon contend they hear hypocrite sounds. He says he’s vervained to a museum chair and not a traitor. Nora calls and says Rayna is entrance for Beau and will come for each other vampire.

She says they are all during a sanatorium perplexing to save Caroline. She says once we are marked, Rayna chases we down until she gets her soul. She says Rayna will come to a sanatorium and kill them all. Caroline starts to pile-up and Stefan watches them work.

Nora promises to assistance Beau and Stefan contend he can’t let them leave. Stefan says he’ll strengthen them. Valerie says let them go and lift Rayna divided and says she’ll help. Nora says come with us though Valerie says she has to assistance a babies. She refuses to go with them.

She tells Beau never stop using and he and a girls leave. Valerie goes behind in a OR with Caroline. She starts chanting again. She gets Caroline stabilized. He sees a desiccation in her arm. Damon calls and says it’s removing worse and says a hottie huntress is entrance for you.

He says Caroline can’t be any some-more infirm and Damon says he’s operative on it. Stefan tells him to bugger off and don’t’ make it worse. Bonnie asks what he’s not revelation her and given is Stefan so mad. Damon says he screwed adult bad and has to make it right.

Beau, Nora and Mary Louise are in a parking lot of a sanatorium articulate about how they have to run. Julian tries to get them to run behind in 1903 though they don’t wish to get on a vessel in a hunger box. Rayna is there. Her blade draws sparks on a ground.

She tells Julian she doesn’t know what ruin awaits him in a mill though it can’t be worse than what he’s finished to her. She comes during him and throws him afterwards he stabs her and runs off. Rayna throws a sword and it sinks into Julian’s chest. They float divided with him and a sword.

Now, Rayna stabs Beau as a girls scream. Then they run off during tip speed. Rayna stabs a gas tank and lets sparks from her sword light a fire to devour Beau’s physique – that means he can never get out of a stone.

Stefan goes into a smoothness room with Valerie who continues to chant. He takes Caroline’s palm and afterwards he goes into her mind. She asks if he’s in her head. He says approbation though says it’s unequivocally a date. There are even French fries and he hands her a burger with additional pickles.

She asks if he’s distracting her afterwards asks if something is wrong. He says she’s had dual lives inside her for months so he can keep her association for a while. They cuddle and she interjection him. Stefan stays by her side as a procession continues.

Damon and Bonnie lift adult and find Beau’s charred physique and Bonnie says she’s here. Rayna is in a sanatorium and she turns to find Damon there in a gymnasium with her. Bonnie bursts in and Stefan says they’re about to get a babies out. She tells them Beau didn’t get away.

Valerie is distraught. Bonnie says Rayna is in a hospital. Stefan asks where Rayna is. Damon says she looks like his GF and her 3 doppelgangers. They fight. Bonnie says her sorcery won’t stop Rayna and says go assistance Damon. She says he will get himself killed perplexing to make things right.

She tells him to go and let her assistance Caroline. Alaric shows adult and Bonnie tells Stefan to go given Ric is there. He sighs and leaves Caroline with Valerie, Bonnie and Ric. Damon kicks Rayna down when she comes for him.

Bonnie and Valerie intone and Ric sits down to check on Caroline. Rayna hurts Damon bad afterwards goes for her sword. She comes behind for him and Damon says we wish to send me behind to ruin – afterwards says he’s already there.

He closes his eyes and she goes to gash him though Stefan takes a wound and kicks her back. Stefan thinks about Caroline and how most he loves her. He thinks about what they pronounced about a huntress chasing we once you’re marked. He looks during his wound and says, see we brother, he takes off.

Damon slumps over. Valerie and Bonnie intone and take out a initial baby. Ric sees his initial child. Then a second. He smiles. They purify them adult and move a babies to him. He’s stunned. Bonnie asks if she’s okay. Ric says she is. He says they both are.

Enzo asks Damon if he’s going to extricate him. Damon says tantalizing to leave a ropes there so he can kill him some-more easily. Enzo says he didn’t wish to give Rayna that sword. Damon says he screwed him and now his hermit is profitable a price.

Enzo says he had no choice. Damon says let predestine decide. He pulls out a silver and says heads or tail, live or die. He flips a coin. Enzo says Elena is alive and says he was hallucinating. He says Tyler had an dull fake coffin. He says he and Tyler had friends that have a genuine Elena safe.

Enzo says she’s in New York being kept protected and alive. Damon is shocked. He says good. Caroline comes to and asks what happened. Bonnie is there and Caroline asks about a babies. Bonnie says Ric has them in a hothouse and says they’re pleasing and healthy babies.

Caroline asks where’s Stefan. Stefan drives and Damon calls and asks where he is. He says he’s using from a hunter afterwards asks given she handed over a sword. Damon says Elena is alive, he didn’t kill her. Stefan sighs. Damon promises to repair this. He says he will kill a huntress with his unclothed hands.

He promises to move Stefan back. Stefan says okay. Caroline calls and Stefan says he wishes he could be there though this is a usually way. Caroline says she wishes it didn’t always have to be him. He promises to come behind for her. He says he has to keep relocating afterwards says he loves her.

Caroline says she loves him too. Alaric brings in a babies and asks if she wants to reason them. She and Ric reason a babies. He says their names are Josie and Elizabeth – a latter is in respect of her mother. Caroline is changed to tears and smiles.

Three years later, Caroline has a kids in a automobile with her – they are three. Her son asks where they’re going. She says they’re going to New Orleans to revisit Mommy’s friend. She ends a call with Ric after he tells her to usually drive. Is Caroline going to see Klaus?