The Powerful Way Tostitos Is Putting a Stop to Drunk Driving

Tostitos wants to make certain everybody gets home safely after examination a Super Bowl. The formula has teamed adult with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to deliver a new debate to fight pushing underneath a influence. If we squeeze a brand’s chips between now and a night of a Super Bowl, we will accept a five-digit Uber formula located on a barcode for $10 off your float home once a diversion ends.

Tostitos also combined a “Party Safe” bag that could be used to fight dipsomaniac driving, nonetheless it will not go on sale to a public. The high-tech chip bag can detect if someone has any snippet of ethanol in their complement if they blow into it. If a light on a Tostitos bag flashes red, it means ethanol has been rescued and a chairman who blew into it should really recur pushing home. A “don’t splash and drive” summary also appears in red underneath a Tostitos logo.

“We wanted to make certain that as people were celebrating, they were also merrymaking responsibly,” Jennifer Saenz, arch selling officer for Tostitos builder Frito-Lay, told USA Today. Sounds like a win-win conditions to us!