The Official White House Position Is That All The Women Who Have Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual Harassment Are Lying — WTF!

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Lordy, we wish there are tapes!!

During a press lecture on Friday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a contributor that a central White House position on Donald Trump‘s passionate nuisance liaison is that ALL of his accusers are lying!

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The publisher — who we wish is formulation to follow adult with profits — asked:

“Sexual nuisance has been in a news. At slightest 16 women have indicted a President of intimately badgering them around a march of a campaign. Last week during a press discussion in a rose garden, a President called these accusations ‘fake news.’ Is a central White House position that all of these women are lying?”

Sanders immediately confirmed:

“Yep, we’ve been transparent on that from a beginning, and a President has oral on it.”

So you’re revelation us… a official word of a White House… is to immediately not trust a victims? And to trust a orange male but any evidence?!!?!

If you’re wondering because people who have been tormented don’t come forward, THIS is a resplendent example!

Our central position is that everybody in a White House are pieces of shit!

Watch a impulse (below):

[Image around FOX.]

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