The NHS in 2017


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Ambulance nearing during Accident and Emergency

The winter always puts additional vigour on a NHS though this year a aria on a use has been exceptional.

In a week finale 8 Jan 4 out of 10 hospitals in England were on vital warning standing since of high studious numbers.

Meanwhile comparison doctors in NHS England have reported concerns about a series of cancer patients with cancelled operations.

The conduct of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has indicated he is unimpressed with a appropriation supposing by ministers, though a supervision has shielded a process opposite attacks from Labour in a Commons.

So what is unequivocally function and in what state is a NHS? BBC News wants YOU to give us a whole picture.

We wish to hear from we if a NHS has altered your life, definitely or negatively, in 2017.

This could be following a termination of a slight operation, or a impact of a caring of an well-developed helper or carer, or any other knowledge with a NHS.

If a revisit to your hospital, AE or GP had a life-changing impact on we in 2017 let us know.

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