The New Dairy Queen Blizzard Every Guardians of a Galaxy Fan MUST Try

Attention, Guardians of a Galaxy 2 fans: there’s a new Dairy Queen snowstorm that was done for you! In jubilee of a new movie, that is out Friday, May 5, Dairy Queen has expelled a Guardians Awesome Mix Blizzard Treat, that has mini brookies (brownies and cookies baked together), caramel, and choco chunks blended with vanilla soothing serve. The Blizzard is accessible now during participating Dairy Queen locations.

While we’re flattering certain ice cream isn’t partial of Chris Pratt’s ‘what’s my snack’ array (healthy snacks only), we are certain that we wish to eat ice cream with his face on it. The themed cups for a Blizzard will underline possibly Chris Pratt, Baby Groot, or another character. Whether we stop by Dairy Queen for a premovie break or only wish to try this chocolaty provide but even saying a new Guardians, you’ll have to act quick and squeeze this limited-edition Blizzard while we can.