The Median Age Of Pro Wrestling TV Viewers Has Nearly Doubled

The median age of veteran wrestling radio viewers has scarcely doubled, according to a new study.

In 2000, a median age of a veteran wrestling radio spectator was 28-years-old, while a median age in 2016 was found to be 54-years-old – A pointy boost of 26 years.

The study, conducted by Magna Global for SportsBusiness Journal, analyzed live, regular-season diversion coverage of vital sports opposite both promote and wire radio in 2000, 2006 and 2016.

Out of information from a 25 sports used in a study, veteran wrestling saw a biggest boost in median age. picked adult on a investigate and highlighted quotes from mythological veteran wrestling publisher Dave Meltzer, who believes a numbers are a bit high.

“The grounds is accurate though stream normal sounds high, Raw SD are still in 40s,” Meltzer tweeted in response to a study.

While a normal age might not be as high as a investigate suggests, it does exhibit a cryptic trend for WWE as they have featured some-more kid-friendly programming that is rated TV-PG for scarcely a decade. As Deadspin astutely forked out, many people that got into wrestling during WWE’s “Attitude Era” in a late 1990s and early 2000s haven’t left, though there hasn’t been a stand of immature fans to reinstate them.

Dave Meltzer Talks If Wrestling Is In A Resurgence Of Popularity, His Star Ratings Appraisal, NJPW

Deadspin highlighted a 2013 investigate by Scarborough that showed a UFC is approach forward of WWE among immature fans.

It’s not all doom and gloom; however, as WWE has continued to successfully monetize their audience, even if it is smaller. By regulating a WWE Network, a association has supposing hardcore fans some-more wrestling to watch than ever before. Many pundits trust hardcore veteran wrestling fans will spend some-more income than any other assembly in sports.

Dave Meltzer compared a business currently to a some-more renouned durations while vocalization on a Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling progressing this year.

When asked about wrestling’s recognition currently compared to a late 1980s and if wrestling is in a resurgence of popularity, he commented, “I once went to a hockey diversion with Ric Flair and this is 1989 and it is like this guy, we only have no thought how most this man was mobbed and we would speak to people when [CM] Punk would go to hockey games and contend “oh my God” they contingency host him and they contend good no they don’t.”

Meltzer continued, “But it is like a people who are wrestling fans have some-more wrestling to watch and are some-more into wrestling and we consider that a hardcore wrestling fans are some-more into wrestling and will spend some-more income on wrestling than any fan bottom ever would before though there is not as many of them. Even if we go to a late 80s duration there were way, approach some-more wrestling fans though it is not like they are going to be spending $2,000 to go on their vacation to a wrestling uncover since they wouldn’t do that. It was only a opposite era.”

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