The Little Couple’s Daughter Zoey Is a Bundle of Joy During Speech Therapy Lesson


The youngest member of The Little Couple family is flourishing up!

In an disdainful hide look during this week’s part of a TLC existence show, Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold‘s 5-year-old daughter Zoey heads to debate therapy — and she’s as lovable as can be.

In a clip, Zoey’s speech-language pathologist of dual years Anna Eifert, introduces herself before explaining what a dual customarily work on during their sessions.

“Zoey had been unprotected to an Indian denunciation before to nearing in a United States, so you’re going to see some delays — that would be expected,” Eifert says of Zoey, whom Klein and Arnold adopted from an institution in India when she was 2 years old.

Eifert goes by a array of exercises to learn Zoey difference such as “snap,” “snowman” and “skate” before they pierce on to some accent tasks to assistance Zoey make certain sounds that she’s lacking in her speech.


“Zoey’s debate has come a unequivocally prolonged approach in a dual and a half years I’ve seen her for therapy,” Eifert says. “I feel like her communication will be developmentally age-appropriate.”

“Speech therapy is lots of fun, though when we notice a child losing focus, afterwards I’ll go forward and switch to a opposite activity,” she adds. “We try to benefaction things in a game-like format, and as prolonged as she’s intent in an activity, we’ll run with it.”

Luckily, Zoey is generally happy and always unequivocally engaged.

“Zoey was Zoey currently — she did great,” Eifert raves. “She was her common sharp-witted personality, who unequivocally engages in a opposite activities and lets we know what she likes and what she doesn’t like. It’s always fun operative with her.”

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