‘The Leftovers’: Scott Glenn on His "Unpredictable, Subversive" Character

Sunday’s partial of The Leftovers went down underneath for a initial time.

The HBO play from Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta made a move to Australia as it incited a courtesy to a impression who hasn’t had many shade time: Kevin Garvey Sr. played by Scott Glenn.  

The standalone installment followed a former military arch as he sets out know what’s function in a world, exploring a internal aborigines and their sacrament along a way.

“I get to play a partial that goes from such tender emotions to laugh-out-loud humorous customarily like that,” says Glenn, who describes his impression as unpredictable, rebellious and crazy.

The Hollywood Reporter caught adult with a 76-year-old Glenn, who is also in Netflix’s Daredevil, to speak about his low romantic dive in a drama, what conversations he had with Lindelof and possibly he thinks his impression is a loyal soothsayer or totally insane.

When did we hear that we would have a standalone episode?

Damon and Mimi both told me that there would be an partial that we was going to be sincerely heavily in, and afterwards before we got a book Damon called me adult and said, “It’s going to be fundamentally all you, Scott.” we asked him during a time if there was a book prepared and he pronounced no. This was substantially a month and a half before we went to Australia. So we customarily said, “What can we work on?” And he fundamentally told me a unclothed skeleton of what I, as [Kevin Garvey] Sr., was going to be going through. He gave me a garland of books to me, too. we asked him what else we could do and he said, “I don’t know. Learn to play a didgeridoo.” [Laughs.]  Then we got a book about a month before we got to Australia. The one thing he did tell me is that a longest digression he’d ever created in his life was going to be in a script, so we was prepared for that. When we initial review a script, we yelled for joy.

What about it done we scream for joy?

It went into such abyss with a character, and we never know possibly you’re traffic with a violent male or a loyal prophet. There were so many colors that we got to demeanour into. And we adore Damon’s writing. I’ve indicted him during times of stealing mics in my bedroom. As off-kilter and indeterminate as his essay is, we customarily open my mouth and a difference tumble right out. I’ve customarily had that knowledge dual times before acting. One was doing a play that Tracy Letts [co-star Carrie Coon’s husband] wrote called Killer Joe and a other was years ago doing a book of Jim Bridge’s Urban Cowboy.

What have your conversations with Damon about your impression looked like?

Back in deteriorate one, we asked Damon to give me a idea and he said, “Well, we hear voices. When vital traumas occur in a world, it gives arise to prophets, and prophets emanate religions.” we remember him observant that in his mind, there are 3 kinds of prophets. There are crazy people — people who have been damaged by a mishap and can’t get behind (the Guilty Remnant). There are fake prophets — people who wish power, sex, income and will use that (Holy Wayne). And afterwards there are genuine prophets. And we said, “Well, what am I?” And he said, “You’re a genuine prophet.” And we said, “Name me other genuine prophets.” And he said, “Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha.” we said, “Which one am I?” [Laughs.] He said, “You’re zero of them though substantially closer to Moses.”

Did we have any some-more questions about a voices?

I wanted to know how many of them there were. He said, “I’m going to leave that adult to you. You expel a voices. But one thing we have to know about a voices is that they never lie. They have never told we one thing that isn’t true. And afterwards during a certain point, they go away.”

How do we describe to your character?

As someone who has been given a purpose outward of themselves in life and afterwards a purpose is taken away, though when we have a purpose that gives definition to your life, we get dependant to that. From when we arise adult in a morning to when we go to bed during night, we have a direction. It’s not that we don’t wish to have fun and adore and passion and giggles and resources and toys and whatever — though above and over all that stuff, we have a instruction that we wish to go and that we have to go. That’s kind of what we see myself as Senior doing. It’s such a tough impression for me to speak about in that… we was articulate to a crony of cave during home and he was saying, “When we hear we speak about opposite characters we play, we customarily impute to them like, ‘he would do this,’ though with The Leftovers we never do that. You contend ‘I’.’” we suspicion about that and we consider it’s unequivocally true. we don’t feel a subdivision with him. It’s totally me.

What astounded we many as we filmed a episode?

Normally what we do is we review a book and afterwards we devise in my mind what I’m going to do with it. But we remember waking adult in a morning a day we shot [my seven-page monologue] and observant out shrill to myself, “Scott, your pursuit currently is not to let yourself get in a approach of what’s going to happen. Don’t try to do anything, customarily dive into it and see where it takes you.” we did one take and during a finish of it, Mimi Leder said, “Ok now when we picked adult a fasten recorder and put it on a desk…” and we couldn’t remember that. She said, “What do we mean?” And we unequivocally couldn’t remember what customarily happened. It wasn’t like we was in a trance. When she pronounced “cut,” we was there on a set. So she pronounced to go again and we did another take and a same thing happened again. we could hardly remember what went on in a stage since a stage was personification me some-more than we was personification it. And that happened again and again and again all day long. We did 7 takes. we remember Mimi during one indicate saying, “You’re revelation me right now that you’re during a indicate with this where we unequivocally can’t approach yourself.” we said, “Yeah, and it’s unequivocally never happened before.” And she said, “Are we unequivocally to stand into this stage and watch yourself a small bit since if we can’t approach yourself, no one else can either.” And we said, “No, I’m not peaceful to do that since this hasn’t happened in 40 years of behaving and artists live for this.” And she said, “Well, what do we advise that we do if I’m not removing what we want?” we said, “Just go some-more takes. You won’t wear me out.” And many of that partial went like that.

Why do we consider a knowledge was so “other?”

I’m not a New Age visionary kind of man during all though we consider that partial of it was being around that ancient enlightenment of a inland people of Australia. we sang with them and danced with them and hung out with them by that whole episode. There was something about being around a oldest enlightenment on a face of a planet, to be around that kind of wisdom. Judaism and Hinduism arrange of have a ongoing evidence about that in a oldest sacrament — a Vedic texts or a Dead Sea Scrolls. And that’s give or take between 8,000 years. The inland people of Australia have an ongoing continual cavitation that’s 150,000 years old. It’s so distant and divided a oldest singular enlightenment on earth, zero else any comes close. These are people who detected cultivation 40,000 years ago and deserted it since it meant we had to stay in one place and we feel that a correct approach for a tellurian being to live their life is by being nomadic. So we had this clarity that we were surrounded by a really low and ongoing wisdom.

Do we consider Kevin Sr. is boundless soothsayer or is definitely insane?

My answer if I’m in Australia personification a partial is positively not, that these signs that occur make clarity to me as boundless intervention, as uncanny and off-kilter as they might be like a duck finding things for people. Looking behind on it, we don’t know what a answer to that is. we know that famous prophets in a universe — from Moses to Mohammed to Christ — when they initial listened their voices, they walked divided from them. They said, “Wait a minute, this can’t be happening.” And they eventually came to accept them. But from my indicate of view, I’m not crazy. What we consider is that my purpose for existence changes. we consider a genuine answer to that doubt is that it’s adult to a assembly to decide.

What can viewers demeanour brazen to in a array finale?

For me, Damon wrapped things adult perfectly. But my ideal might good not be other peoples’ perfect. What we can contend is that if a uncover works during a top level, it doesn’t so many answer questions as it weaves hopefully any particular chairman in a assembly seeking themselves those questions.

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