‘The Hero’ Star Sam Elliott On Getting Outside The Genre That Has Dogged Him – Sundance Studio

Writer-director Brett Haley, who appeared at Sundance 2015 with I’ll See You In My Dreams co-starring Sam Elliott, has returned to a festival this year with The Hero. This one stars Elliott in another film personification off of and celebrating a Western film icon; a pic was just acquired by The Orchard in a $3 million deal.

Co-starring Laura Prepon, Krysten Ritter, Nick Offerman, and Elliott’s mother Katharine Ross, The Hero follows Lee (Elliott), an aging Western film star who finds himself re-examining his past, while also looking to a future.

“The whole Western thing has stubborn me, on some level, forever, though we consider that we welcome it now,” Elliott told me, appearing during Deadline’s Sundance Studio. “There was a time when we didn’t, when we felt like we was boxed in, and that was kind of what we was famous for, and that was flattering most going to be it. But there’s been opportunities that have come along recently that have authorised me to get outward of that, and this is positively one of them. This is a good gift, there’s no doubt about it. You don’t get this kind of element handed to we though once or twice in a career, probably.”

Also appearing during a studio were Prepon, Offerman, and Ross, all of whom mentioned Elliott in their preference to house a film. “When Sam came to work on Parks And Recreation, we fell in adore fast and irrevocably,” Offerman quipped. “Any possibility to get to work with Sam, who we learn a good understanding from, both as a tellurian being and as an actor, and a dispatcher of whiskers, that would get me on house immediately. But afterwards we was introduced to Brett and his writing, and his unrestrained and his perspicacity, so we would have paid good income to work on this film.”

Prepon was also a fan of Elliott, who works alongside her “brothers”—That ’70s Show alums Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson — on a Netflix series The Ranch. “For me, it’s always been element first, so once we review a script, we only positively desired it, and afterwards once Brett and we started vocalization about a character, it was a no-brainer,” a Orange Is a New Black star said. “I consider that a film speaks to a garland of pleasing things, in terms of like, everybody thinks about what they’re going to leave behind when they pierce on in a relations that they emanate in their life, and what’s important. It felt critical to me to be a partial of it.”

To hear Haley plead his routine in casting a film and building a rapport with his actors, take a demeanour during Deadline’s video disdainful above.