The Fyre Festival Dubbed A Ponzi Scheme In New Legal Docs! Ruh Roh!

The Fyre Festival was presumably a Ponzi scheme.

The Fyre Festival has been called a lot of things, and we can strictly supplement Ponzi intrigue to a list!

A category movement lawsuit filed opposite a festival organizers has reached 300 people, according to profession Mark Geragos, and new authorised papers explain that concertgoers suffered from bacterial infections and feverishness exhaustion, among other things.

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According to TMZ, a lawsuit also claims a whole thing was a Ponzi intrigue targeting “seemingly successful millennials,” and that organizers knew it would be a disaster though wanted to screw people out of as most income as possible.

The lawsuit final $100 million in damages.

Eek! This only keeps removing worse, doesn’t it?

Here’s anticipating Ja Rule and associate organizer Billy McFarland have a lot of gangling mix fibbing around. And they might, deliberation how most people paid to go to this charade.

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