“The culmination of ‘The Leftovers’ was not as unsatisfying as a ‘Lost’ finale” links

“The culmination of ‘The Leftovers’ was not as unsatisfying as a ‘Lost’ finale” links

One Love Manchester advantage concert

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One Love Manchester advantage concert


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12 Responses to ““The culmination of ‘The Leftovers’ was not as unsatisfying as a ‘Lost’ finale” links”



    1. mia girl says:

      I suspicion a culmination was a ideal finale. One of a best ever. Poignant, heart-wrenching and ultimately, hopeful.
      Let a Mystery Be.

      And give ALL a Emmys to Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux.

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    2. Jenns says:

      That culmination final night was one of a best finales ever. I’ll even go as distant to contend that it’s my favorite finales of all time and my favorite TV array of all time. we can't stop meditative about it. That uncover could be so depressing, though it finished as a pleasing adore story. Kevin’s face when he finally saw Nora and how he was fighting behind tears as he kept to a same book on how he found her was heartbreaking. And their dance together gutted me.

      But when he told her that he believed her after she told him what happened to he, and afterwards a final shot with a birds and a goat, was so perfect.

      So, did anyone trust Nora’s story? we privately did not.

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      • nona says:

        Oh my god, that dance. we can’t remember a final time we saw actors execute so most tension though observant a word. They were both amazing.
        And yeah, we believed Nora’s story, though we still trust in Christmas miracles, so …

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      • isabelle says:

        Believed her story since she seemed so most some-more during peace.

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      • tracking says:

        Yes, a actors strike it out of a park. we also did not trust her story. The pivotal discernment for me was a nun’s criticism about storytelling, along with a transparent thesis of fibbing in a episode. we consider it was a story she indispensable to acquire in sequence to reanimate and be open to Kevin again (and he, meaningful how vicious he had been to her in their final encounter, understood). And, oh, a birds and a goat. So beautiful.

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    3. robyn says:

      So I’ve been definition to watch this though have nonetheless found a time compulsory to get into it. Now it’s a culmination and I’ve watched a few clips. Amazing … unequivocally extraordinary infrequently speechless acting, as in a dance. Intriguing pleasant are only some adjectives to describe. we contingency find a time.

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    4. BeachGirl says:

      I taped it final night so haven’t watched it yet. I’m so blissful a comments and reviews are positive! Great series.

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    5. JudithButlr says:

      Blech. we couldn’t make it past a integrate episodes of this show. Tedious and boring. The use of surprise/jump out of your chair shrill noises was only trite and it felt like physical Lost Behind. Nooooooo thanks. Stop perplexing to make Mr. Aniston happen.

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      • nemera34 says:

        I attempted to watch and felt a same. Reading a approach a people on this site go on and on about it we suspicion it was some-more popular. we don’t ever hear anyone articulate about it. And we have gotten tips about a lot of shows from co workers and friends. Anyway maybe it will be a Cult Show as time goes on. Regarding Justin happening.. we consider if that were going to start it would by now. But he seems to be operative steady; so that is something

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