The Crown Producers Admit Claire Foy Was Paid Less Than Her On-Screen Husband Matt Smith!

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No one gets paid some-more than The Queen… solely for The Doctor.

During an INTV discussion row on Tuesday, producers of Netflix‘s The Crown certified that array lead Claire Foy was paid reduction than Matt Smith, a Prince Phillip to her Queen Elizabeth II.

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Foy perceived a reported $40,000 per part for her endowment winning description of a royal, while Smith’s income for personification her father is unreported.

Producers attributed Smith’s aloft income to his celebrity as a pretension impression of Doctor Who, though reassured a assembly that her sovereignty gets a legitimate paycheck in a future. Exec Suzanne Mackie quipped:

“Going forward, no one gets paid some-more than a Queen.”

Good! Though not a best timing for Foy — as The Crown is recasting roughly a whole lineup of actors for seasons 3 and four, that take place in a after decade.

But it is good news for Olivia Colman, who will step in as a (appropriately paid) Queen. Smith’s deputy has nonetheless to be named.

[Image around Netflix.]

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