The Brady Bunch Actress Susan Olsen Fired From Radio Show For Anti-Gay Remarks!

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Although many remember Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady in The Brady Bunch, she is formulating a new temperament of her own…

A bone-fide bigot.

Nowadays, a former singer co-hosts a radio uncover called Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics on LA Talk Radio where she expresses her conservative, pro-Donald Trump beliefs.

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Not surprisingly, many take emanate with Olsen’s views, including plainly happy actor Leon Acord-Whiting who wrote a Facebook post criticizing a former child star and accusing her of swelling “outrageous misinformation.”

When Susan held word of his message, she responded with a terrible diatribe that enclosed homophobic slurs! She wrote around Facebook private message:

“Hey there small p*ssy, let me get my large child pants on and Reallly take we on!!! What a lizard in a weed we are we fibbing square of sh*t too villainous to confront me in genuine life so we do it on Facebook. You are a biggest f*ggot donkey in a universe a biggest p*ssy! My Dick is bigger than yours Which ain’t sayin much! What a loyal square of sh*t we are! Lying f*ggot! we wish we accommodate your kismet SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY.”

On Friday, LA Talk Radio suggested they dismissed Olsen as they do “not endure horrible debate by anyone compared with a radio station.”

They wrote:

We relate La Talk Radio’s words, and we strongly malign anyone who perpetuates ignorance.

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