The Bachelor: Next Leading Man Will SHOCK Fans!

Whether we cruise of a stars of Bachelor in Paradise as “all stars” or “rejects” from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, this really interesting group’s pleasant adventures are still going strong. Even if Dean Unglert’s love triangle shenanigans have come to an end.

In a meant time, everybody is wondering who is going to be a subsequent Bachelor. Those are large boots to fill, and there are a lot of candidates. 

Mike Fleiss, a creator of a series, took to Twitter to dump some hints about who a subsequent Bachelor will be. So it looks like they’ve done their decision.

Peter Kraus and Daisy

Over a prolonged weekend, Mike Fleiss tweeted

“We are really tighten to being means to finally announce #TheBachelor … You will be shocked!!!”

Honestly, we figure that we’ve substantially spent too most time reading each throw of information that comes down, squeezing down a pool of candidates, and meditative about it to be “shocked” by their collect for The Bachelor.

At slightest … we wish so.

After some hacking shenanigans suggested that Nick Viall was going to once again be The Bachelor by Mike Fleiss’ account, they regained control and deleted those tweets. Mike Fleiss released some clarifications … arrange of.

“Nick is NOT a next #TheBachelor.”

Followed by this:

“I didn’t contend WHICH Nick is not a next #Bachelor.”

We’ve got a comedian here, folks. And afterwards he tweeted this:

“Neither of them.”

It creates clarity for Nick Viall to not be a Bachelor again, given this would be his, what? Fourth bite during a self-evident apple?

So … that other possibilities are left?

Juan Pablo Galavis Image

It’s not going to be Juan Pablo Galavis, notwithstanding a hopes and dreams of some members of a Bachelor Nation.

The dude is married.

It could really good be Eric Bigger. He was a clever contender in Rachel Lindsay’s deteriorate of The Bachelorette and he done it to a final three.

Eric Bigger has pronounced that he would cruise a purpose if it is offering to him, yet … he wasn’t scarcely as polarizing as possibly Bryan Abasolo or Peter Kraus, and it’s tough to see somebody who got that overshadowed going directly to personification a heading man, we know?

Chris Harrison is not removing a part, we guys. 

This comes from Mike Fleiss’ on tweet:

“Just listened from @chrisbharrison . Unfortunately, he is no longer a claimant to be #thebachelor…”

Of course, he says that he “just heard” from him over a weekend. We suppose that they already know their pick.

Dean Unglert seemed like a surprisingly clever if startling contender for a purpose after his army on Rachel Lindsay’s deteriorate of The Bachelorette.

Despite his girl (which overtly should be an asset, not a hindrance), Dean Unglert is a fan favorite and it’s kind of unfit to not adore a guy.

Dean Unglert and Lion Cub

At slightest … adult until Deanie Baby’s army on Bachelor in Paradise, where, as promised, he has done a sum donkey of himself with his adore triangle shenanigans.

Life isn’t a CW show, my guy.

We’re totally peaceful to pardon him, and we cruise that a Bachelor Nation is, too … yet substantially not shortly adequate for Dean to make a jump to The Bachelor right after all of this.

Maybe he only needs some time for time to correct his picture with a Bachelor Nation.

Or maybe he needs to make an coming on another Bachelor Nation uncover — maybe a subsequent deteriorate of Bachelor in Paradise — and have emancipation arc.

The account would substantially go along a lines of how most he’s matured. Then he’ll be a primary claimant to be a Bachelor.

In a meant time, though, this brings us to Dean’s bestie and former costar: Peter Kraus.

Peter Kraus on Instagram

Peter Kraus is desirable and heart-melting.

And let’s not ignore Peter Kraus’ abs, okay?

While earlier, Mike Fleiss had seemed dismissive of a thought that Peter Kraus could be a Bachelor, we wondered if that competence be some arrange of fake flag.

Or even Mike Fleiss teasing a rejecting in sequence to see how sexually a Bachelor Nation responded.

Peter flattering consistently ranks flattering strongly whenever Fleiss polls his supporters for who should be a subsequent heading man.

Recently, it’s seemed to be all yet reliable that Peter Kraus will be a subsequent Bachelor.

Reality Steve tweeted:

“I feel assured in stating that sources are revelation me Peter is a subsequent Bachelor it will be announced soon. I’m wakeful of final min switch ups in a past, yet we don’t trust that’s function this time. He’s been a male they’ve wanted given Day 1.”

Let’s hope.

Very recently, Mike Fleiss has even hinted during this on Twitter:

“Don’t we all determine on one thing– that we want #TheBachelor to be a male that’s critical about anticipating his essence mate/wife?”

Peter Kraus is, if anything, too serious about anticipating love.

To Peter, an rendezvous is a critical prospect, and he would have wanted to get to know Rachel off of a uncover — after winning — before popping a question.

We can’t cruise of a stronger contender.