The Bachelor 2016 Spoilers: Lauren Bushnell Wins Season 20 – Still Engaged to Ben Higgins?

The Bachelor 2016 Spoilers: Lauren Bushnell Wins Season 20 - Still Engaged to Ben Higgins?

Who won The Bachelor 2016 spoilers provoke that a Season 20 leader and Ben Higgins’ final rose target is not going to come as a surprise to most of anyone. According to Bachelor guru Reality Steve’s spoilers (which were expelled weeks before they uncover began), Ben Higgins gave his final rose to leader Lauren Bushnell – and he and a moody attendant from Portland, Oregon are happily intent and formulation their wedding. But, will they ever make it down a aisle.

The Bachelor 2016 leader spoilers have suggested that Ben Higgins might have done a outrageous mistake giving his final rose to Lauren Bushnell – since he was not usually in adore with her, though also in adore with Jojo Fletcher.

After a Fantasy Suite Dates, Ben told both Lauren and Jojo that he was in adore with them. And an ABC promo video shows a Bachelor carrying some critical reservations about giving a Neil Lane rendezvous ring to Lauren B.

What does all of this mean? Well, we’ve never been on The Bachelor – though we can positively tell we that if we watched a video of my fiancé revelation another lady he desired her, and afterwards carrying to hem and haw THAT prolonged over who to select – a contingency of me marrying him would be slim to none.

Rumors have been floating around for weeks now that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are no longer even together, sadly we will have to wait until a “After The Final Rose” uncover to learn their attribute standing and get all of a questions answered. But, The Bachelor 2016 spoilers are indicating right now that Ben might have done a outrageous mistake and chose a wrong Season 20 winner.

What do we consider Bachelor fans? Did Ben Higgins select who won The Bachelor in a awkward demeanour – did Ben collect a wrong lady as his 2016 winner? Will he and Lauren Bushnell indeed get married? Let us know what we consider in a comments next and come behind to CDL for ALL your Bachelor news, recaps and spoilers!

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