The 100 LIVE Recap – Alie Goes to Space: Season 3 Episode 14 ‘Red Sky during Morning’

The 100 LIVE Recap - Alie Goes to Space: Season 3 Episode 14 'Red Sky during Morning'

Tonight on a CW The 100 earnings with an all new Thursday May 5, deteriorate 3 part 14 called “Red Sky during Morning.” On tonight’s episode, Clarke, (Eliza Taylor) Bellamy, (Bob Morley) Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Jasper (Devon Bostick) hit a comfortless roadblock.

On a final part Clarke embarked on a goal that could change everything. Meanwhile, Murphy gained information that could assistance safeguard his survival; and Kane reached his violation point. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and notation summation right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a CW synopsis, “Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy (Bob Morley), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Jasper (Devon Bostick) strike a comfortless roadblock. Meanwhile, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Monty (Christopher Larkin) make an critical discovery.”

Tune in tonight to locate a deteriorate 3 part 14 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for we live!

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#The100 starts in Polis with Indra being told that Murphy’s devise is good though she says using is not a plan. Pike says they can run now and regroup. Indra wants to kill Jaha, a leader, though Murphy says he’s not a personality and is being controlled.

Guards come in and asks who’s prepared to take a key. Pike says zero of them will ever take it. Alie is there and says someone is unchained and tells a guards to find them. They check everyone’s bondage when she notices Pike was assaulted.

Indra attacks when they get to her and kills one ensure afterwards a other. Murphy says let’s go now and Indra says tell me what we know. Murphy says they have to go now though she final he talk. He says Jaha’s trek runs a AI and they can destroy her if they destroy it.

Indra says she knows where it is. Pike says they will design them to run and says a AI will follow a runs who run while they hang around and go for a pack. Indra sends a others to run and Pike, Indra and Murphy will go for a backpack.

In a city of light, a passed ensure apologizes to Alie and Jaha says they’re rounding a escapees adult now. Alie says they’re going for a backpack. One of a prisoners was a plant. They speak to Emori and she offers Alie her service.

Alie says she needs her to stop John Murphy from going to a temple. At Luna’s platform, Shay talks about fins and blood in a water. Luna tells Clarke and Bellamy they leave during nightfall. Bellamy says they will all be broken and she says it can’t strech them there.

Luna and Octavia talk. Shay talks some-more about a savage rising from a deep. Luna gives her behind Lincoln’s biography and Octavia says so most for Luna a good savior. Octavia says Lincoln would wish her to assistance them. Luna says they take people in who are finished fighting and killing.

Luna says Lincoln would never have brought this here. Raven looks during how many people Alie has and uncover Monty that she has all of Polis and says they can’t wait to go in. He says they need to wait for Clarke. Raven says they have a cue though Monty is disturbed they will fail.

He says wait for Luna to get a kill formula from a flame. They keep working. Harper comes to check on them and says Ryan and Miller are on watch. She asks Monty come assistance her for a minute. Monty is disturbed about withdrawal Raven alone.

He tells Harper that Raven hasn’t stopped for dual days. Harper talks about dreading attacks afterwards kisses him. He stairs behind and asks if she’s still her or if that’s AI. He says overwhelming and they go get busy. Raven keeps working.

Jasper talks to Shay and asks about her shark story. She says it gets improved each time she tells it afterwards asks if he’s from a sky. She says she’s never been off this rig. He says she’s lucky. He tells her his name. Bellamy tells Clarke that Jasper is smiling.

Clarke says they can’t usually leave and Octavia says they have no choice. She says they can usually put this into her conduct though asking. Octavia says no way. Bellamy says no and Clarke says they can’t quarrel an army of their possess people.

Someone shouts for Luna to come. Clarke says do we have a improved idea. Bellamy says they can stay there so Clarke can get Luna lone. Octavia still doesn’t like it. Monty and Harper finish adult and she asks him to stay a while longer.

She says she hasn’t felt this approach in so long. She says she feels protected and happy afterwards Raven bursts in and says she found something. She shows Monty a place in a city of light called a citadel. She says Alie is safeguarding something there and wants to go in and disaster with a code. He wants to wait.

Luna shows children how to use fishing nets. Clarke is brought to her and a ensure says Skai lady wants to speak to you. Luna sends a kids off with Derrick, a guard. Clarke asks if a kids were innate here and she says some and some are orphans.

She asks what Titus told Clarke about her. She says he told her she was a hypocrite to a blood and a coward. Luna says Lexa was always his favorite. Luna asks if she cared for Lexa and she says she was special and operative towards peace.

Clarke says she can finish what Lea started. Clarke says it’s her legacy and she can save them. Clarke says some causes are value murdering for. Clarke activates a flame. She grabs Luna who flips her and says she wasn’t fearful to remove though knew she would win.

Luna says she was forced to kill her hermit in a initial turn afterwards faced Lexa in a second. She takes a fire and says Clarke can have it behind when she leaves.

Alie looks around a church and tells a guards not to fire to kill. Emori asks because her creator left her and she says she will find out when she sees her. Pike and Indra fire a guards though Murphy says to leave Emori alive afterwards says bar a door.

Murphy looks during Emori and afterwards he goes for a chief fuel cell. Emori says they’ll glare a whole city. He pauses. Luna tells Cap to take Clarke and her people back. Clarke asks for a fire and Luna says a trail of assault is a choice.

The fire is grabbed and they are sealed in and Bellamy says Alie’s people contingency be here and that’s because they’re aggressive Luna. Jasper is with Shay and he says she’s here. Alie says he knows. He says tells your people not to take a ship. Shay is murdered. Jasper is knocked out.

Luna asks because they’re doing this as she’s pounded and waterboarded. Bellamy says it contingency have been a worker during Niylah’s. They tell Luna take a pivotal or die. Alie says make Jasper take a key. Clarke says if they give Luna a pivotal before a flame, Alie will know everything.

Clarke bangs on a doors. Derrick takes a pivotal to stop a woe afterwards picks Luna up. He says take a pivotal afterwards he starts torturing her. Pike works on a cell. Emori says they will all die as they try to mangle down a door.

Alie tells Jaha they need Murphy alive given he knows how to insert a fire into Luna. Raven works on a formula and she goes into a formula when Monty is out of it. Alie tells Jaha she will give Clarke a join us choice.

Alie says someone is accessing her code. Jaha asks from where and she says Arkadia. Jaha says it might be Sinclair though she says he’s passed and won’t tell him how. Alie says she can’t tighten this chairman out and a trek is compromised.

She says a mobile section would be her solitary energy though Arkadia. She says if they destroy it, she’ll be terminated. Alie says they’re inside a citadel. He says he can stop Monty. Monty wakes and freaks out. Raven says she’s in a citadel.

She’s looking during sealed doors and deletion a locks. She says she’s stealing something there and has to get past something. She says someone is in a way. She says she can’t get around them. Monty hears his mom Hannah’s voice.

Hannah talks to Monty and Raven says Alie processed her mind. Monty forms a summary to her an Alie tells Hannah to keep him talking. Raven says Alie is stalling them. Hannah says she wants to take Monty’s pain away. Hannah tells him they can be together again.

Monty asks what happens if they undo her code. Raven says she’ll be left forever. Monty cries afterwards says how do we do it. He deletes a code. Monty hangs his conduct to cry. Jaha tells Alie to leave Arkadia now. Monty tells Raven to tighten her down.

Alie says a mobile section will be her usually energy source. Raven pushes by a final door. She sees it. She finds a kill switch though a Alie pulls out of a Arkadia mainframe. Monty screams what happened and says this was all for nothing.

Raven says now they know it’s a kill switch. He rants during Raven for not waiting. He offers her a pivotal and says is that what we wanted. Pike asks Indra for a gun. Alie needs 60 seconds to migrate. Indra says do it now or we run. Murphy is prepared to strike it and Alie tells Emori to speak to him.

Emori says she’s in there too. Alie needs 30 some-more seconds. She says she’ll be left forever. Alie needs 10 seconds. Murphy tells Pike he can’t and Pike does it instead. He asks if it worked. Emori sighs and afterwards smiles and says we were too late.

Pike says we have to go and they conduct out after covering Emori’s face so she can’t see. Jaha finds a energy source broken and says they will try again. Alie says it’s all right, a emigration was a success. She says a delivery from a shun pod is finish – they can’t get to us here.

Alis is approach adult in space on a ark now.

Octavia tells Clarke this place was protected until they showed up. Shay staggers to a enclosure and unlocks it still with an arrow in her back. She says a appurtenance room, B level. Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia conduct out. Luna is still being tortured.

They move in a child to woe to force Luna to take it. Alie says cut a child. Luna bites Derrick’s palm and a child attacks a ensure stealing her. Lexa kills a guards. There is one left and Alie says Clarke can’t have a night blood and tells Derrick to kill her.

Luna had to kill him. Clarke and a others detonate in as Derrick dies. When he’s gone, Alie is left and Luna wails. Jasper is fine and asks where’s Shay. Octavia shakes her conduct no. Luna binds Derrick and cries. She says sorry.

Later, Luna washes her hands and purifies herself. Bellamy and Clarke consternation if any of a others are chipped. Clarke says keep a tighten eye. Clarke tells Luna she’s contemptible and says this rivalry won’t stop until she has everyone.

Luna usually stares and says people we adore died currently during my hand. She says she can’t let it occur again. The people mount and Luna says they will give their brothers and sister to a sea, they respect their lives. She says we are innate of H2O and lapse to it.

Clarke says they have to precipitate before Alie sends more. Luna says this is no opposite than blood contingency have blood. Everyone who drank starts to collapse. Clarke passes out too. Clarke wakes with a fire still with her and they are behind during a built stones. Luna left them there.

They glance out during a water, though there is no pointer of a platform. Bellamy says: now what? Clarke stares during a H2O uncertainly.