Teenager charged over ‘Darth Vader’ inscription incident

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The PSNI have released a open warning about a tablets that enclose an “as nonetheless unidentified” substance

A 17-year-old child has been charged with drugs offences after a 14-year-old child was treated in sanatorium after holding half of a ‘Darth Vader’ tablet.

Police pronounced a 14-year-old reported feeling indisposed and compulsory sanatorium treatment. He was after liberated from sanatorium and is recuperating during home.

The occurrence happened in Holywood, County Down, on Saturday.

The PSNI pronounced a tablets were “as nonetheless unidentified” though warned of a “potential dangers” they posed.

The 17-year-old, has been charged with possessing a Class A tranquil drug with vigilant to supply; possessing a Class B tranquil drug with vigilant to supply; possession of a Class A tranquil drug; possession of a Class B tranquil drug and provision a Class A tranquil drug.

He is due to seem during Newtownards Youth Court on 14 February.