Teen Mom OG Recap 2/22/16: Season 2 Finale “Taking Chances – Walk Away”

Teen Mom OG Recap 2/22/16: Season 2 Finale Taking Chances - Walk Away

Tonight on MTV their array Teen Mom OG continues with an all new Monday Feb 22, deteriorate 2 culmination called “Taking Chances; Walk Away” and we have your weekly summation below. On tonight’s episode, in a deteriorate finale, Farrah Abraham and Simon take their attribute to a subsequent level.

On a final episode, Simon re-entered Farrah’s life; Catelynn and Tyler worry when Butch started dating; Maci, who’s tender with life, indispensable Taylor to step it up; and Amber wanted to take Leah on a trip. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and minute summation right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a MTV synopsis, “in a deteriorate finale, Farrah and Simon take their attribute to a subsequent level; Maci is dissapoint that she does all a work for Taylor’s T-shirt business; Ryan skeleton a large move; and Cate learns that she has postpartum depression.”

It sounds like Teen Mom had another extraordinary season. What kind of crazy play are we available from a deteriorate 2 finale? What has been many sparkling so distant in Teen Mom so far? Sound off in a comments down subsequent and let us know! Don’t forget to check CDL for a live summation of Teen Mom during 8PM ET!

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This week on a deteriorate culmination of Teen Mom Maci is still feeling tender and not removing any assistance from Taylor. Her crony is unresolved out and asks Maci if they are going to do a Black Friday sale. After Taylor puts a baby down to bed Maci talks to him about how tender she is. She tells him that “I can’t continue to stay adult until 4 A.M and work and get adult during 8 AM to continue to work and take caring of a kids.” Taylor tells her that he feels like she is subsidy out on assisting him with a wardrobe line. Maci says that she is doing a best she can.

Farrah and Simon go to cooking to plead a pierce to LA. Farrah tells him that she is vehement to be closer to him and he tells her that he is happy that she is behind in his life. Farrah also tells Simon that they need to make a deeper joining to any other since she is “not going to have babies with someone she is only dating.” Much to Farrah’s warn Simon agrees.

Amber and Matt are still available word on either Gary will concede them to take Leah to Florida. They finish their initial flipped residence and put it on a market. At cooking that night they speak to Sandy about a conditions and Amber says that she can’t suppose not being with Leah on Christmas day.

Tyler meets with his mom to speak about a issues with Catelynn. He tells her that he has been doing some reading about basin and Catelynn is exhibiting signs of depression. He worries that he is not doing adequate to assistance his wife, though his mom is discerning to encourage him that they both will be excellent and that their attribute will survive. Tyler is fearful that he will remove her if he tries to speak to her about a situation. Dawn reassures him that they adore any other and are clever adequate to tarry this.

Maci still feels that Taylor is not pulling his weight when it comes to scheming for a Black Friday sale and her disappointment is palpable. Meanwhile Ryan and his father are cleaning out a garage and his father asks him either or not he and Maci are communicating better. Ryan says no and his father asks if he has a partner and Ryan says no. His father afterwards asks where he goes when he leaves during 11 o’clock during night and Ryan tells him he is only out roving around. Then Ryan meets with a lady and he is articulate to her about a conditions with his parents, Bentley and Maci. Ryan says that “his relatives are so into Bentley that they feel like they have to be in a center of everything.”

Farrah and Simon accommodate with Michael to speak about a state of their relationship. Michael is extraordinary about a state of their attribute and Farrah tells her father that they are “datingish.” She afterwards tells Michael that she wants Simon to buy her a ring. Michael reminds him that Farrah and Sophia are “his girls and that if they marry he wants to give her away.” Simon says that he is ok with that and they all laugh.

Amber and Matt are roving in a car. Gary’s mom Christina sends Amber cinema of Leah and this frustrates Amber since she still can’t get an answer as to either they can take Leah to Florida. Amber and Matt are dissapoint over a approach they feel they are being mistreated by Gary and how astray they are being about Leah. Matt says that “they have a problems, not him and Amber.”

Catelynn is still struggling with her basin issues. Catelynn talks to her crony about it and she tells Cate that she worries about Tyler since she knows how simply he gets frustrated. She also tells Catelynn to call her if she ever needs to speak since she is feeling down.

Farrah and Simon are streamer out to eat and are shouting and joking in a automobile on their approach to go ring shopping. Farrah is vehement and unhappy during a same time since Simon is withdrawal that day. They find a ring and when a lady behind a opposite tells her it is 17,00 she tells her that she is used to looking during rings that are 60,000 or more. Farrah afterwards asks a lady to uncover her a many costly possibility. The lady brings out a 3 carat solid that is labelled during 32,000. Farrah is still not impressed.

Maci and Taylor are perplexing to make a duty list around a residence and Bentley laughs during Maci each time she tells him to do something. This creates Maci indignant and she tells Bentley to “take his mic off and go upstairs.” She also tells him that when she comes adult to speak to him after he needs to be means to tell her since he was shouting during her.

Amber is display off her rendezvous rings. When a writer asks since she got it early Amber tells them that it was since Matt was in a dog house. J.C, one of a producers on a uncover comes in and congratulates Gary and Kristina on being married. Gary tells Kristina that when Leah asked about going to Florida he was prone to contend no since it was Christmas.

Catelynn goes to see her therapist to try and assistance her arrange out what is going on and since she is in such a bad mood. The therapist explains a disproportion between Post Partum Depression and anxiety. The therapist asks Catelynn what they need to do to assistance her get over this hump. Catelynn says she isn’t certain and thinks that maybe giving Nova to her mom for awhile competence help, though she also worries that this will turn a thesis for a rest of her life.

Maci is dissapoint that she mislaid her rage with Bentley, though Taylor stairs adult to assistance out more. Taylor and Maci are operative together to get prepared for a Black Friday sale. Taylor is disturbed about all a work there is to do and Maci tells him “I am saving your boundary and we are being so dramatic.” They both laugh.

Farrah and Sophia are holding Simon to a airport. Farrah says that she can’t wait until she moves to California and they are tighten again and they contend goodbye during a airfield entrance.

Amber finally hears from Gary about Christmas in Florida. Gary worries about a emanate of time on Christmas. Kristina wonders what it means for their Christmas and Gary tells her that they would only applaud earlier. After a contention with Kristina Gary decides to let her go and texts Amber to tell her. Amber and Matt are happy that a whole family will be together for Christmas.

Tyler asks Catelynn how her therapy appointment went and Cate tells him that a therapist thinks she has post partum depression, though she is still reckoning it out. Tyler afterwards asks her what he can do to assistance her when she gets like this. She tells him that she needs support on those days when she can’t get adult a appetite to get out of bed.”

Catelynn and Tyler are formulation Nova’s initial birthday celebration and Butch is undone since he and Apr won’t be means to attend a celebration together. Tyler says that they have Butch unequivocally compelled and Butch tells his son that “I will do whatever we have to do to stay out of prison.”

Maci calls Ryan and asks if he wants to collect Bentley adult from propagandize and after withdrawal a baby with Maci’s mom a integrate go out to a good grill for dinner. Maci worries that Ryan will forget to take Bentley to basketball practice. Maci tells Taylor that she doesn’t know how she manages to lift off a whole parenting thing with Ryan. Taylor says that “He doesn’t consider he could lift it off with anyone though her.” and Maci laughs.

Farrah, Debra and Sophia go residence selling together in LA. Sophia gets dissapoint when Debra is bold to a genuine estate agent. She tells her grandmother that “She harm her feelings.” Debra tells her that genuine estate people work for them. Sophia tells her that it doesn’t matter.

Amber and Matt had a good time with Leah in Florida. When they come behind Amber is dynamic to take Gary to justice to get prejudiced control of Leah. She talks to her cousin Crystal about a conditions and tells her that she hopes she and Gary can strech an agreement out of justice since she doesn’t wish to dissapoint Leah.

Ryan and his crony Hamilton are articulate and he asks Ryan about Maci. Ryan says that things are improved and he and Maci are starting to content more. His crony asks about Ryan’s skeleton to pierce and Ryan tells him that as of right now things will stay a same.

Catelynn and Tyler are perplexing to devise Nova’s birthday celebration since Butch and Apryl can’t be there together. Catelynn is undone and calls her mom to try and work it out. They both determine that a whole thing is foolish though Catelynn decides to get dual cakes so that Butch can see Nova blow out her candles.

Farrah goes behind to Austin and while she didn’t like any of a houses she saw in LA, Simon found a good one. She meets with a realtors to plead a offer she wants to put on a residence and a fact that she wants an conveyor in a house. She decides that she wants to pierce in dual weeks.

Leah is spending time with Gary and Amber texts Gary to see if he will concede her to compensate child support and concede her to see Leah more. Gary says he has no issues with Amber saying Leah some-more and if they can come to an agreement out of justice it will save them money. Later, during Amber’s cousins residence she gets dissapoint and tells a producers that she doesn’t wish to speak about a conditions with Gary anymore. She tells them that she is sleepy of articulate about it each day and when a writer tries again Amber blows adult and threatens to stop filming.