Ted DiBiase St. Reveals His Reaction When Told He Wasn’t Winning WWF World Championship

Source: The Ross Report

As noted, WWE Hall Of Fame Ted DiBiase was recently a guest on The Ross Report podcast. Among many other things, DiBiase talked about possibly he regrets never been universe champion in NWA or WWE.

According to DiBiase, there were conversations about creation him NWA World Heavyweight Champion; however, NWA went with Ric Flair as champion during a time to try to make good on a debt due to Jim Crockett Promotions.

“Here’s a thing, there was a lot of talk, during one time, again, before WWE, about a probability [of being NWA World Heavyweight Champion]. Back in those days, whoever was a NWA World Champion, we consider they would put it on one man and they would leave it there for like 4 years and afterwards they’d go to somebody else. we consider a suspicion was to pierce it around a small bit more. And a 3 names in a shawl were Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, and me.”

DiBiase continued, “I don’t know how most law there is to this, though we was told that a reason, we can’t remember if it was Terry Funk… we can’t remember who a champion was during a time, they were articulate about these 3 guys, though we was told that Crockett begged them to let it be Ric Flair a initial time. He pronounced it was a usually approach he could get his money, a income behind that he was owed, was to have Flair be a champion. And we was like, ‘oh my gosh,’ but, again, we don’t know how most law there was to that.”

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Apparently, DiBiase was also deliberate for WWE’s tip esteem as good – instead of winning a WWE Championship during WrestleMania 4, ‘The Million Dollar Man’ combined his possess championship title.

“There was a lot of speak of that function during WrestleMania 4. Somehow we win a tournament, and afterwards we have my run with [Hulk] Hogan, and, of course, in a WWF, as it was famous then, if you’re a heel champion, you’re not going to be champion really long. You’re transitional. You’re possibly going to give it behind to a man who we took it from, or you’re going to be a transitory champion and you’re going to remove it to a subsequent man who will be a babyface champion. And there was speak of that, though Pat Patterson pronounced to me one day, he said, ‘Ted, we’ve kicked this thing around and we suspicion about it, though in reality, since we’re pulling we so hard, you’re a tip heel right now, that’s what a people are going to expect. What if we don’t give him that? Let’s contend we don’t win a contest and afterwards in your arrogance, we emanate your possess pretension and only announce yourself a Million Dollar Champion?’ As shortly as he pronounced it, we said, ‘do that,’ we said, ‘because that will put some-more feverishness on me than anything else we can do.’ And, again, that’s me a businessman going, ‘what’s best for business?’ and ‘what’s going to be a bottom line?’ And that’s what we tell people all a time, ‘it would have been good to be a universe champion,’ we said, ‘yeah, though in this business, a bottom line is titles are props and it’s a business, so what was best for business and what was best for me during a time was to go that other way.'”

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