Ted Cruz Tweets ‘Fat Bastard’ Clip during Donald Trump

On a eve of a Nevada GOP caucuses, Cruz compares his Republican opposition to a ‘Austin Powers’ villain.

Ted Cruz is banishment behind during Donald Trump.

On a eve of a Nevada GOP caucuses, a Republican rivals have continued their fight of words.

During a debate convene in Sparks, Nev. on Tuesday, Trump called a Texas senator “the singular biggest liar we have ever dealt with” and a baby.

“I’ve met most worse people than Ted Cruz,” a GOP frontrunner told his supporters. “He is like a baby compared to some of a people we have to understanding with. He is like a small baby: soft, weak, small baby by comparison.”

The night prior, Trump called Cruz “sick” over his debate strategy during a rally, saying, “There’s something wrong with this guy.”

On Tuesday night, Cruz took his spin to take a shot during Trump by contrast him to a impression Fat Bastard, a knave from a Austin Powers films.

Cruz tweeted during Trump: “showing category grace, calls me a “soft diseased small baby.” Hope he doesn’t try to eat me!” The post enclosed a shave from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, where Fat Bastard (played by Mike Myers) threatens to eat Mini-Me, whom he calls a baby and tells him, “Get in my belly!”

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump called Cruz “disloyal” on Twitter for a banishment of his communications executive Rick Tyler, and he again took a shot during Cruz nearby a finish of a caucuses on Tuesday night.

With Trump’s former opposition Jeb Bush now out of a race, it appears that a noble has taken aim during Cruz. As for GOP claimant Marco Rubio, Trump also pronounced on Tuesday: “I’ve been really good to Rubio, since he hasn’t strike me. When he does, we will see what happens.”