Taylor Swift’s Lawyers Fall Silent Amid First Amendment Feud With ACLU-Defended Blogger Meghan Herning

taylor quick authorised group doesnt respond to aclu

Looks like Taylor Swift isn’t formulation to salary quarrel opposite a ACLU!

As we formerly reported, a Gorgeous singer’s authorised group went after a blog PopFront as they threatened to sue a opening if they didn’t take down a square patrician Swiftly To The Alt-Right: Taylor Subtly Gets The Lower Case kkk In Formation.

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At a time, Swift’s counsel William J. Briggs strike a announcement with a cease-and-desist minute and dragged a essay for being insulting as it was allegedly “replete with demonstrable and descent falsehoods.” In response to a greeting from Taylor’s team, a blog post’s author Meghan Herning reached out to a American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.

Understandably, Herning felt her First Amendment rights were being encroached upon. Well it seems as nonetheless a ACLU’s impasse in this emanate has frightened off a blonde draft topper’s attorneys as they’ve nonetheless to accept a response from Camp Swift.

As per a refurbish given on Thursday, a ACLU clapped behind during a “meritless authorised insult and copyright threats against” Herning and asked Swift’s authorised group to respond by Nov 13. On a 27-year-old’s lawyers’ new silence, ACLU profession Michael Risher remarkable in a statement:

“The deadline has upheld and we have not listened from Ms. Swift or her attorney. Their disaster to respond shows that a minute to Ms. Herning was full of dull threats and designed to intimidate.”

Fair point. Although, Taylor may’ve requested her authorised group behind off as not to confuse from her Reputation promo tour.

Nonetheless, a ACLU is endangered Swift’s lackeys competence have done identical threats to others in a past. Risher concluded:

“We sojourn endangered about hazard letters of this form that effectively daunt people from seeking a authorised recommendation they need to quarrel back.”

While Meghan never took a cease-and-desist minute seriously, she wanted to remind reporters that it was critical to “stand adult for their authorised rights.” On her criticisms of a hitmaker, Meghan concluded:

“I get that she isn’t a politician or open figure. She doesn’t need to make domestic statements, though there are people out there who demeanour on her as an icon, as an Aryan goddess. Then she releases this new song, and alt-right groups are regulating those lyrics to allege their agenda. In this domestic light, we would consider that, hey, she competence wish to contend something.”

Well said. We extol Herning’s aplomb for station adult for her rights.

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