Taylor Swift done a special video for NBA MVP & Swift-loonie Russell Westbrook

Miranda Kerr

When we saw this story this morning, we suspicion “wow, Taylor Swift gets adult to some random-ass things these days.” But we schooled a backstory and now we consider it’s arrange of cute. Her hair? Not cute, though that’s a review for another day. At final night’s NBA Awards, Russell Westbrook took home a MVP trophy. Someone orderly a really special video for him: Taylor Swift congratulating Westbrook and joking that he taught her how to “shake it off.”

Taylor jokes: “Remember we was a one who taught we to play basketball. we was a one who taught we to dribble, to fire hoops…I remember a initial time we kick me during basketball. we was really upset, and we said… ‘You only have to shake it off.’ So radically we have any other to appreciate for these careers. That’s since I’m a partial of your congratulations video, since we just, we go behind 20 years. Actually, we’ve never met. That’s a feign story, though we wish it were a truth.”

As we said, we was like “Random, thy name is Snake Emoji.” But it seems like Taylor did this video since Russell Westbrook has been a outrageous T-Swift fan for YEARS. For literally years, he’s been referencing his Swift-fandom on his amicable media, singing along with her songs on Instagram, and attending Taylor’s concerts. Russell Westbrook loves Taylor Swift, so she did something good for him. we gamble this video done him so happy.


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BAD BLOOD!!!! @taylorswift .. Banger!!!!!

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