Taylor Swift Gets Restraining Order Against Fan Who Allegedly Threatened To ‘Rape’ & ‘Kill’ Her!

Taylor Swift has been postulated a restraining sequence opposite an purported stalker who has allegedly threatened to “rape” and “kill” her.

According to TMZ on Friday, 26-year-old Eric Swarbrick (insert above) has allegedly been promulgation a thespian offensive letters given Sep 2016.

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Some of a purported messages include:

“I wish to rape Taylor Swift. This is because we hatred Taylor herself… This is how we know we am Taylor’s soulmate.”

“I have schooled to positively restrain a metaphorical beast in me, but, really soon, we will turn totally obliged for myself … What judicious end is there other than death.”

“I will not demur to kill her… and there’s zero you, your lawyers, or a law will be about to do about it. Remember who we am.”

According to authorised papers filed by a musician’s lawyers, a purported letters have turn increasingly frightening — causing Swift to have stress, fear, and anxiety.

Her warn fears Swarbrick will act on his purported threats.

The decider has systematic a purported stalker to stop contacting Swift, and to stretch himself from her and her property.

Scary stuff!

[Image around John Rainford/WENN/Eric Swarbrick/Twitter.]