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More information is beginning to surface per Corey Feldman‘s purported abuser, Jon Grissom.

Here’s what we know so far.

1. The former child star says Grissom initial began intimately abusing him behind in a ’80s when Grissom was Feldman’s assistant. It was during this time Feldman says Grissom — who he referred to as a pseudonym “Ron Crimson” in a his book, Coreyography — began giving him drugs including heroin and crack.

2. According to Grissom’s Facebook page, he is credited with dual films, License to Drive from 1988 and a other was Dream a Little Dream in 1989, that both star Feldman.

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3. Grissom still appears to flaunt his seductiveness in Corey and Corey Haim on his Myspace and Facebook pages, that we can see (below):

[Image around Facebook.]