Taya Valkyrie On WWE Contract Being Pulled, How She Reacted, If She Watches WWE Today

Source: Talk Is Jericho

Recently on Talk Is Jericho, a mythological Chris Jericho spoke with Lucha Underground luchadora and GFW Knockout Taya Valkyrie. Among other things, Valkyrie talked about being offering a WWE agreement and it being pulled, how she went from vital in Canada to Mexico, and possibly she follows a WWE product today.

According to Valkyrie, she had a agreement offer from WWE before she went to sight in Mexico, though a sports party juggernaut reneged and a destiny Mrs. Mundo / Impact / Morrison / Nitro was never told why.

“A small different fact is that about 7 months before we went to Mexico, we was offering a agreement by WWE. And we went by all a steps, we was watchful to get all my medical tests done, and they motionless to not take me, so unnecessary to contend we was wasn’t given an reason and to this day we don’t unequivocally know what happened. we upheld a credentials check and all of this stuff.” Valkyrie added, “they pulled [the contract]. They only motionless they didn’t wish me anymore. Needless to say, we was intensely upset.”

Understandably, Valkyrie described her life’s dream being dashed as “devastating” and she explained that she wanted to leave Calgary, Canada given she was embarrassed. ‘The Lucha Queen’ was put into hit with Konnan and finished adult staying in Mexico for 5 years.  

“It was a unequivocally harmful impulse for me given we flattering most had everything. we was like, ‘oh my God! This is going to happen! I’m going to do it!’ And then, it was gone. Yeah, and we still don’t unequivocally know what happened. we don’t reason any grudges. we don’t reason any bad feelings because, honestly, it all let to where we am currently and I’m here with [Jericho], so it doesn’t unequivocally matter! And we knew Ted Hart there and he put me in hold with Konnan given we unequivocally didn’t wish to stay in Calgary. we felt embarrassed, like, ‘oh my God!’ Well, it had kind of gotten out given we had quit my job, we quit my mixed jobs. we was operative as a personal tutor and we was bartending on a weekends, so we had quit my jobs, we had gotten absolved of my apartment, we was offered my car. Do we know what we mean? There were so many things that were function and all-of-a-sudden, we had nothing. So we was like, ‘what do we do about this?’ So we was like, ‘do we know what? Screw this – I’m going to do what we have to do to make this happen.’

“So then, we was put into hit with Konnan. we was going to go to Mexico for about a month, month-and-a-half, and we finished adult staying. we was there for roughly 5 years.”

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Valkyrie emitted that she follows a WWE product today, including a Mae Young Classic, given says she follows all given she might finish adult work with those performers one approach or another. She claimed to be “really happy” that WWE’s womanlike talent are “doing so amazing” and went on to put over Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Natalya, Ember Moon, and Asuka.  

“I do follow that! It’s critical to follow everybody given we never know when you’re going to be a event to possibly be there or face one of them within my universe or whatever. we consider a girls that are in a WWE right now… I’m a outrageous fan of Charlotte’s. we consider Charlotte’s doing a unusual pursuit and unequivocally proof she’s only as gifted as her name says that she is and we consider it’s unequivocally cool. we consider Sasha [Banks] is great. Bayley’s great. Natalya, I’ve been a large fan of Natalya forever, given a Calgary days or before when she even went to WWE.” Valkyrie continued, “I consider some of a girls even in NXT are so good. Ember Moon is amazing. Asuka is amazing. Ruby Riot is amazing.”

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