Talpa To Bring ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ Reality Format To US After Successful Launch In Holland

In 2010, John de Mol’s Talpa entered a swarming singing existence array foe space with The Voice. Despite confronting determined talpademolincumbents such as American Idol (and a general incarnations), The X Factor and Star Academy, The Voice was means to mangle by and is now a tip singing existence array in a US and a usually to win an Emmy in a existence foe array difficulty (twice). Now Talpa is perplexing to do a same in a dancing competition space with a new format Dance, Dance, Dance, in that celebrities reconstruct famous dance routines from movies, song videos and musicals.

Like with many of a new formats, including The Voice and Utopia, Talpa initial launched Dance, Dance, Dancedancedance in a Netherlands where a prolongation company’s domicile and categorical growth group is based. Like The Voice, Dance, Dance, Dance is carried by RTL4. Following a clever start progressing this month, (the Sept. 5 2-hour live premiere averaged 1.4 million viewers and a 27.9 share in a pivotal 20-49 demo), we hear the show, that is still airing, already has been renewed for a second season.

Dance, Dance, Dance facilities teams of dual — a luminary and a partner they select who could be a spouse, colleague, son or daughter. After a severe dance training, a teams start competing for money prizes that go to charity. Each week, they are asked to reconstruct a good famous dance number, contracting a strange choreography as good as look. The latter is what sets Dance, Dance, Dance detached from other dance shows. The show employs computer effects to mimic a strange environment of a dances, formulating a 3D universe around a tangible performance. (Watch a hiss tilt above to see how a uncover looks and works).

Talpa, that was acquired by ITV progressing this year, is doing Dance, Dance Dance, with a US division, Talpa USA approaching to representation a judgment to American networks this fall.