Talking Dead Recap 2/28/16: Season 6 Episode 11 “Lauren Cohan, Kid Cudi & Surprise Guest”

Talking Dead Recap 2/28/16: Season 6 Episode 11 Lauren Cohan, Kid Cudi  Surprise Guest

Tonight on AMC Talking Dead earnings with an all new Sunday Feb 28, deteriorate 6 partial 11 and we have your weekly summation below. On tonight’s episode, guest speak about “Knots Untie” partial of “The Walking Dead” is discussed.

On a final partial Talking Dead horde Chris Hardwick were sat down with Danai Gurira (Michonne), Austin Nichol

s (Spencer) and actor Nathan Fillion plead a partial “The Next World” from The Walking Dead. Hosted by Chris Hardwick. Hosted by Chris Hardwick. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and minute summation right here for you.

Tonight on Talking Dead as per a AMC synopsis, “Lauren Cohan (Maggie), a warn expel member and low-pitched artist Kid Cudi plead a partial “Knots Untie” from The Walking Dead. Hosted by Chris Hardwick.”

Talking Dead front tonight, during 10:00 PM ET on AMC after The Walking Dead. After The Walking Dead recap, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live summation of tonight’s Talking Dead! How vehement are we meaningful that both The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead are behind tonight? Sound off in a comments down below!

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#TalkingDead starts with Tom Payne, Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) and Lauren Cohan. Lauren says she was unequivocally vehement to work with Xander Berkeley (aka Gregory) and she says she was so excited. Chris Hardwick says Rick can’t go to a new area though removing their blood on him.

Chris says he saw that Scott tweeted he wanted to be on Talking Dead so they brought him on. He says he likes that Maggie is so clever and likes to see a characters arc to where they have to arise to a occasion. He adds about leaders in a organisation and says Maggie is suitable.

Chris says Maggie is intrepid and knows agriculture. Chris says a garland of people are tweeting about how clever Maggie is and that she should pound an egg in Greg’s face. Some called it Maggieland as what they should call Hilltop.

Chris now wants to speak about Jesus and says he’s iconic in a striking novels. Tom says he wanted to respect a part. Tom says Jesus is a smoothest user during Hilltop and runs some-more than we see and it’s easier for him to let Gregory consider he’s a leader.

He says Jesus has some-more energy during Hilltop than Gregory. Chris says everybody tweets wanting to know what tone his eyes are and Tom says blue or green. Chris says they’re sky and are done of dreams. Scott says he still doesn’t trust Jesus.

He says maybe he has a welcoming name like a pretence to captivate people in. Now a In Memoriam. We see walkers in a dim corridor and Ethan a neck gash dude. The tab line is that Rick creates a misfortune initial impressions given a canon began.

There’s a behind a scenes video when Daryl talks about a tough stage – he says using after a automobile that stole Beth was tough given they ran him in 100 grade weather. He says he suspicion a executive was perplexing to kill him.

Chris mentions a Atlanta feverishness and asks Tom how he didn’t die with a complicated wardrobe he was wearing. Tom says he had a woolen hat, extensions, gloves and a leather ditch afterwards they ran him around a margin and says it was like one some-more shot and he suspicion they were perplexing to kill him too.

Tom says he can’t grow a dauntless in a week and Chris says genuine Jesus can so he had to wear feign ones for a while. Chris tugs his dauntless and says it’s genuine now. Chris asks given he brought Rick’s organisation and Tom says that’s Jesus’ pursuit to move people into a community.

Scott says a Negan thing worries him given Rick and them are so fervent to go face them and he thinks things are appearing that Rick and them might not be means to face readily. He says they’ve been by so most and he’d float with him.

Chris says he suspicion it was cocky though afterwards says Rick’s debate creates clarity given Negan will come for them. Maggie says they knew this is intel that a organisation is out there and customarily they haven’t famous about a bad guys.

Maggie says they know this will cost them though there’s an ideal to them. Scott says he loves when any of them are with a baby and says when Gabriel had a baby he was like no, don’t let him have her, he’s a coward.

Scott says he usually wants Rick to give Carl a large hug. Chris says he favourite it that Carl was cold about Michonne and his dad. Scott says there’s zero wrong with some jungle fever. Now it’s time for a live quiz. Here we go…

#1 Which wrong name goes Gregory call Maggie? Natalie, Naomi or Nellie. Answer is Natalie. The actor who plays Greg, Xander Berkeley, binged TWD before he started and says it gave him nightmares.

#2 What does Rosita use to make Abraham’s gift? Fishing lure, fondle truck, stop light. Answer: Brake light. The final present necklace on TWD was when Andrea stole one for her sister Amy in deteriorate one.

#3 Which survivor found Dr Harlan after a wreck; Abraham, Rick, Glenn. Answer: Glenn. Harlan’s portrayer R Keith Harris was on AMC uncover Halt and Catch Fire.

We get a behind a scenes demeanour during a lizard wrangler Bob Lucas. He says he comes to set initial and looks for snakes. He says he’s there for safety. Chris says there are many lizard wranglers on TWD set. Tom contend Jesus did a lot of snooping before he woke adult Rick and Michonne.

Scott says he had to rewind and listen to Abraham’s Bisquick criticism twice and says it’s good essay and so was Glenn’s reaction. Scott says that things is good in a uncover though says it’s dangerous to consider about carrying a baby in that setting.

Maggie says whenever Michael Cudlitz is talking, she has to keep from shouting like his dolphin well-spoken remark. Chris says Michael is extraordinary on a uncover and says he’s not usually one note. Then Chris binds adult a baby sonogram and Lauren says it looks like her man.

Lauren says it’s good when everybody melted looking during it  – Daryl, Abraham and Michonne. Chris says there’s substantially not a ideal time to have a child in that world.

Now it’s Inside a Dead on tonight’s episode. Danai Gurira called a quarrel stage tonight “chaotic fun” and says we don’t disaster with her male Rick. Then there’s a bit about Hilltop’s blacksmith and a weapons he’s forged.

Denise Huth shows us a Hilltop set and it was a cowfield when they started. It looks really authentic and we see a blacksmith shop. Grace Walker shows them a set they built. They contend they used a comic as a blueprint.

Chris asks them about Hilltop and Lauren says it’s extraordinary and says it’s this dream village and a pleasing house. She says it was usually good and is a dauntless new horizon. A fan comes adult to ask Tom about when Rick and Daryl were bringing him behind to Alexandria.

He asks if he was personification possum. Tom says if you’re knocked out that long, you’re substantially dead. He says he thinks Jesus was changeable onto Daryl on purpose. Chris gives a fan a Jesus wig, dauntless and weave cap. He also gives him Abraham’s necklace and a sonogram photo.

Chris asks Scott about a chicky that Michonne took down. He says Michonne is Rick’s float or die. Scott says that’s a second time where Michonne has saved him and been there for him. Scott says now she saves him out of passion.

A tourist asks Tom what was it like being there for a neck stabbing fight. He says that’s when he satisfied they don’t disaster around. He says there were no attempt guys involved, Andy usually threw himself during this hulk guy. He says a opinion is that we can’t behind off.

He says Ethan, who was killed, was one of their biggest guys and they killed him. He says it’s a large impulse for Rick to take him down. Chris says they found a ultimate fan who will be on Talking Dead in a few weeks. It’s Greg Raewiski, a high propagandize teacher.

He says they all incited into Carol when they found out he was in a using and they can upvote and downvote people in a running. Now a check – how will Rosita conflict to a mangle adult – furious, relieved or heartbroken?

Scott says Abraham has a lot of haughtiness given Daryl doesn’t have anyone and Abraham is perplexing to get with both. 75% contend she will be heartbroken. Lauren says Rick and Michonne are like dual best friends that motionless to date and you’re like, oh yeah.

A chatter doubt asks how Maggie can stay so kind and loving. Lauren says if it ain’t pennyless don’t repair it some-more or mangle it. Now a check of a favorite Abraham word from this partial – ugging bumplies, wearin galoshes or pouring a Bisquick. 91% voted Bisquick.

Now a demeanour during subsequent week’s partial where Rick tells a Alexandria organisation what they have to do to acquire a food and rations. He tells them about a torpedo Saviors and says they would find them like a Wolves did and would try to possess us.

Rick says if they’re low on food, they could remove that quarrel and this is a usually approach to be sure. Rick says they have to win. Morgan looks really doubtful. Rick says this contingency be a organisation preference and says if anyone objects, contend your assent now.

Chris says Morgan didn’t demeanour psyched. Scott says Gabriel looked scared. Chris says he thinks Gabriel is personification with a organisation now. Now a Twitter question, what difference of recommendation would Herschel give Glenn about being a dad. Maggie says Herschel taught Glenn to do a right thing.

Chris says he gets stressed each partial given he knows something large is coming. Next week is JB Smoove, a actors that play Tara and Aron.