Swede given 10 years for fort kidnap

An undated welfare design supposing by a Swedish Police on 18 Jan 2015 shows rubber masks ragged by Martin TrenneborgImage copyright
Swedish police

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Photo expelled by Swedish military showed dual rubber masks allegedly used by a suspect to kidnap his victim

A Swedish alloy has been condemned to 10 years in jail after being found guilty of abduction a lady and gripping her in a fort for 6 days.

Martin Peter Trenneborg had certified abduction her though denied and was clear of rape.

He had designed to reason her serf as a partner in a purpose-built fort for years.

The 38-year-old abducted his plant after assembly her for a date in Stockholm final September.

He has been dubbed a “Swedish Fritzl”, after a box of Austrian Josef Fritzl, who kept his daughter sealed adult in a attic for 24 years.

Arriving during her home with champagne and gifts, and sanctimonious to be an American, Trenneborg unperceiving her with Rohypnol-laced strawberries dipped in chocolate before abduction her.

He used dual rubber masks, of a bearded male and an comparison woman, to disguise their identities, prosecutors said. He afterwards put his plant in a wheelchair, took her to his automobile and gathering her about 350 miles (560km) to his home nearby Kristianstad in southern Sweden.

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Martin Peter Trenneborg (L) is decorated subsequent to his counsel Mari Schaub in a courtroom sketch

Trenneborg hold his plant in a soundproofed dungeon he had built during his home, where she was shackled before being available to leave to take a shower.

According to Swedish media, a justice found deficient justification to infer rape, and a judgment handed down was revoke than a 15-16 years sought by prosecutors.

But prosecutors are deliberation either to interest opposite that finding, a reports suggest.

Trenneborg contingency also compensate 180,000 Swedish krona (£15,000; $21,200) in indemnification to a victim.

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The lady was allegedly sealed in a fort for 6 days

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Police trust a bunker, that had no windows though an practice yard (left), was sheltered as a storage outbuilding

‘Girlfriend experience’

The alloy was found to have drafted a “sex contract” inventory passionate acts that would revoke a volume of time his plant would have to stay in a fort – and other actions such as shun attempts that would supplement time.

The document, found on his computer, compulsory her to yield a “GFE” or “girlfriend experience”, such as shred physique hair and kissing him during sex.

His crimes were found out when, 6 days after a kidnapping, he returned to his victim’s home in Stockholm to collect adult some of her belongings.

Discovering that she had been purebred missing, he afterwards forced her to attend a military hire with him to tell military she was protected and good and not being coerced.

But suspecting something was amiss, a military took a lady aside. She told them what had happened and Trenneborg was arrested.

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