Swaragini: Roop Durgapal to enter a expose as Lakshya’s ex-girlfriend!

Well, it’s not Kanchi Singh yet Roop who will enter as Lakshya’s former flame!

Drama and torture are pivotal reduction in a daily soap and Swaragini is apportionment that with flair. We are observant how Kavita (Nikita Sharma) is blackmailing Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) by self-denial information that can secure Swara’s (Helly Shah) release. Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar) is also confusing her best to save her sister from a clutches of a law.

The sound is Roop Durgapal is entering a expose as Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) ex-flame. There are reports that there will be bride-swapping during a mandap where instead of marrying Ragini, Lakshya will marry her. Later, he will vaunt that he distributed his venerate to get behind a ability papers from her. This will expostulate Ragini to self-murder and a new play will ensue.

Like we reported earlier, Swara will run from jail and vessel into a mandap where Sanskaar and Kavita’s wedlock will be about to take place. Then, they will arrangement Kavita, who will be arrested with her mother, Kaveri.

What is enchanting to watch is possibly Lakshya’s ex and Kavita will join hands to argue Swara and Ragini or will it be Ragini conflicting Lakshya and his ex-girlfriend? Fans of SwaSan on Twitter wish a wedlock to take place during a commencement before any new worry comes up. Will we see a introduction of a new child for Ragini? Stay tuned for some-more updates on a family drama…