Sushmita Sen Shared The Most Adorable Photo For Her Daughter Renee’s 18th Birthday

Strike a pose!!!! 😎😄❤️ always a charge removing that ideal design your #teenager daughter appreciates!!!😅😉💃🏻👍ain’t she pretty!!!😍❤️😘😘😘😘😘 Renée Maa moment!!!!❤️😘❤️ #sharing #memories #holidays #dubai #aubaine #love 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻😁 FYI don’t skip my heated look!!!😜😅😅😅😎

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Sushmita Sen has always been a powerful, outgoing, good oral and an intensely friendly woman. It’s not startling afterwards that she won Miss Universe in 1994 and floored all a judges with her charm. She went on to mangle stereotypes when she adopted a baby lady Renee in 2000. If you’re wondering what I’m articulate about, behind in 2000, it wasn’t a normal and was still deliberate socially unsuitable for an unwed lady to adopt and lift a child on her own. But, being a warrior that she is, Sushmita fought all her battles and finally brought small Renee home.

She’s a doting mom who unequivocally loves spending time with her dual children – Renee and Alisah. Take a demeanour during her Instagram and you’ll know what we mean. 🙂 Alisah incited 8 reduction than a week ago and Sush took to Instagram to wish her.

A ambience of Alisah’s 8th birthday!!!! 😄😍❤️💃🏻 Thank we ALL for a changed birthday wishes, a warmth, a belonging and a intense blessings!!!🙏😘😇❤️ #cherished #memories #love #friends #family #celebrations #sharing #yummycakes 😅💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻❤️ we adore we guys!!!!😁❤️🎉

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Isn’t that adorable? Her comparison daughter Renee incited 18 yesterday, and only like any other parent, Sush was romantic about her daughter strictly being an adult. Aww! Can we trust how time flies? She posted a cutest summary for her.

Check it out.

We are #Eighteen 💃🏻💃🏻😇❤️😍🎵A night of #epiphany ❤️ my petite #firstlove incited #18yrsold yesterday as we incited 18yrs aged as a #maa 😇💃🏻❤️what a tour it’s been!!!!❤️Happyyyyyy Birthday My pleasing Renée Shona, acquire to being an Adult!!!! 😍💃🏻❤️😊May God always fill your life with good health, complacency and courage, might we strut by life in those #stilettos in good balance!!!👍😘❤️ move it on Renster!!!😉😁👍🎵❤️I adore you..beyond!!!! Maa❤️😍😘#cheers 🍷🎵😍

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Aww! This really brought a grin to the faces. Happy birthday, Renee.

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