Surge in contactless label payments

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One in 8 purchases done on UK cards in Dec used contactless technology, imprinting a swell in a use of a choice to lax change.

Just over one billion contactless exchange were finished in 2015, a UK Cards Association said.

More was spent regulating this record final year than during a prior 7 years combined.

About half of all withdraw and credit cards are propitious with contactless capability.

This allows shoppers to spend adult to £30 on their label by fixation it subsequent to a sensor in a shop, though a need to enter a four-digit Pin.

One in 13 purchases was on contactless during a whole year, though use grew to one in 8 by December, a UK Cards Association said.


One of a many common ways to use a record is on a London Underground network, where some-more than a million journeys a day are paid for by fixation credit and withdraw cards subsequent to sensors when entering and exiting stations.

Transport for London pronounced it was a initial integrated ride management to deliver contactless ticketing.

Concerns have been lifted in a past over confidence of contactless cards, nonetheless a attention pronounced that rascal levels on contactless payments were low.

Consumer organisation Which? said in July that, nonetheless a risks were low, it would be probable for somebody station really tighten to “lift” label sum though a owners knowing. Wrapping a label in tin foil, or putting it in a foil-lined wallet would ensure opposite this.

Every contactless label has an in-built confidence check that requires a Pin to be entered after a series of uninterrupted contactless payments, to determine a genuine cardholder.

Contactless facts

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  • Shoppers have been means to spend adult to £30 on contactless given Sep 2015. The prior extent was £20.
  • The homogeneous extent is €25 (£18) in France, $100 (£48) in Canada or $100 (£45) in Australia
  • The same record is used to make payments on connected watches, smartphones, keyfobs and stickers
  • In 2015, £7.75bn was spent in a UK on contactless cards in 1.05 billion transactions
  • This was partial of wider label spending of £622bn in 2015, in 13.4 billion transactions
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