Super Dancer Chapter 2 Finale highlights: Bishal Sharma rises a trophy

Super Dancer 2 FinaleSuper Dancer 2 Finale Super Dancer Chapter 2 2018 finale: Varun Dhawan, Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur, Anurag Basu, Ritik Diwaker, Vaishnavi Prajapati, Akash Thapa and Bishal Sharma poise for photographers during a show.

Sony Entertainment Television’s dear dance existence uncover Super Dancer Chapter 2 finally came to an finish on Saturday night. The 4 finalists of a uncover Ritik Diwaker, Vaishnavi Prajapati, Akash Thapa and Bishal Sharma danced their hearts though it was Ritik who walked divided with Rs 15 lakh and a desired trophy.

The culmination also saw a participation of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, who promoted his arriving film Oct during a show. He also matched stairs with decider Shilpa Shetty, that got a assembly interesting for them. While a final also saw Shilpa grooving to some eager numbers and display off her swell dance moves, Geeta in a monumental act paid a special reverence to yesteryear heroines.

Read all a updates from Super Dance 2 finale:

  1. The 3 judges come on a theatre to felicitate a leader whose name will be announced soon. The leader will win Rs 15 lakh money esteem and his/her super guru will win Rs 5 lakh money esteem along with a winner’s trophy.

  2. The 26 weeks tour comes to an finish as Jay and Paritosh ready to announce a name of a winner. The 4 finalists demeanour most vehement to know a final formula and see who is a ‘dance ka kal’,. But before that, Shilpa requests a finalists to come as they came during a try-out turn of a show. Vaishnavi, Bishal, Akash and Ritik leave all mesmerised with their dance.

  3. The 3 super judges Anurag, Shilpa and Geeta give their outcome on a opening of a finalists for a final time in this deteriorate of a show. Both Geeta and Shilpa get regretful while giving comments. Everyone gives a cuddle to Geeta as she talks about a mothers of a contestants who have sacrificed a lot to make their children live their dreams.

  4. Before a leader of a uncover is announced, a 4 finalists Vaishnavi, Akash, Bishal and Ritik gives a power-packed opening for a final time on a theatre of Super Dancer Chapter 2.

  5. Host of a uncover Jay Bhanushali calls a 4 finalists on a theatre and benefaction to them several gifts that were promised.

  6. Paritosh gets regretful as Shilpa Shetty calls him a life of Super Dancer Chapter 2. She says that Paritosh has left a viewers with tears of fun and grief during a run time of a show.

  7. Coming behind from a ad break, Paritosh says an jargon in regard of Shilpa Shetty. He initial gifts Shilpa his pyjama and afterwards a kurta followed by other humorous gifts.

  8. Kiku Sharda comes behind on a theatre as her impression ‘bumper’ and promotes her uncover Family Time With Kapil Sharma nonetheless again. He leaves each one rolling with delight as he pokes fun during Paritosh. Both Paritosh and Kiku decider a intensity husband for Geeta Kapur.

  9. Geeta’s opening leaves all interesting for her and she gets a ‘ladder salute’ from Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa is in astonishment of Geeta’s dance moves and Anurag Basu tries to impersonate Geeta while he praises her. All a contestants crawl down to Geeta as a token of respect. According to a latest voting formula update, Akash has changed adult from fourth position to second though Bishal maintains a lead.

  10. The live voting formula uncover Bishal during series one, Ritik during series dual followed by Vaishnavi and Akash. Varun Dhawan takes a leave and shows a trailer of his arriving Shoojit Sircar directorial October.

  11. Just like his associate finalists, Akash Thapa too has left all dumbfounded with his ideal dance moves. Shilpa Shetty climbs a ladder, appreciating Akash in her obvious style. Shilpa, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur perform a offshoot step of Akash’s opening with all a participating choreographers. Meanwhile, all of them have some fun as they lift Paritosh’s leg. Anurag Basu says he got regretful during a opening as he will skip being on a sets of Super Dancer. Shilpa says Akash will be remembered for his dancing forever. Geeta says there is zero new that Akash did as he has been giving flawless performances via a year.

  12. The subsequent opening of a dusk is by Akash Thapa and his choreographer. Akash has been during series 3 in a live voting until now.

  13. Varun Dhawan gifts sarees to Bishal’s mom withdrawal a grin on everyone’s face. Bishal’s relatives demonstrate how they are unapproachable of their son.

  14. After examination Bishal’s performance, Varun creates a opinion interest for a competitor and feels a foe has turn formidable now. Anurag Basu tells Bishal that his grin has finished an impress in his heart. Geeta Kapoor also appreciates his performance.

  15. The live formula continue to be dominated by Bishal and Vaishnavi is during series 2. Also, Bishal is a subsequent finalist to perform during a grand culmination of a much-loved kids dance existence show. Audience hearten for a immature dancer as he prepares to leave everybody dumbfounded with his ace dancing skills. Bishal and his choreographer Vaibhav dance on a tunes of Mubarakan’s “Hawa Hawa”.

  16. Varun Dhawan expresses his wish of grooving with Shilpa Shetty on a regretful number. The dual superstars benefaction a pleasing opening on a thesis of October.

  17. Varun Dhawan bows down to Shilpa Shetty’s opening and Anurag Basu climbs a ladder for her. Geeta Kapoor also can't stop herself from singing praises of a Dhadkan actor. Varun says “there can be no other Shilpa Shetty.” Mamaji aka Paritosh who has been teasing Shilpa from a premiere part of a uncover goes crazy on observant a sizzling opening of Shilpa.

  18. Jay and Paritosh give a grand acquire to Shilpa Shetty as she comes on a theatre to give a sizzling performance. The opening starts with a strain “Swag Se Swagat”.

  19. Varun hurdles choreographer and decider of a uncover Geeta Kapur to do a wire act. Ritik demonstrates what needs to be finished and Varun follows suit. Geeta refuses to perform a formidable act though asks Jay to perform it on her behalf.

  20. October star Varun calls Ritik a genuine favourite and tells him that he will unite his education. He motivates him by observant that a culmination of Super Dancer Chapter 2 is only a commencement of his life. Ritik’s father gets regretful on observant a honeyed gesticulate of Varun and conclude him for wishing good for his son.

  21. Varun Dhawan can't stop himself from applauding a opening of Ritik Diwaker and Prateik. Shilpa Shetty climbs a ladder as a gesticulate to uncover how most she likes Ritik’s performance. “You are so good and talented,” pronounced Varun and Geeta Kapur gave them a station acclaim and even bent down to uncover how most she respects Ritik’s talent. Basu says, “Not only dance, your certainty will take we to other heights in life too.”

  22. Jay Bhanushali invites subsequent finalist Ritik Diwaker and his choreographer Prateik on theatre for a subsequent performance. Mamaji (Paritosh) once again interacts with Ritik’s fans who are vehement to see their favourite competitor lift a winner’s trophy. The absolute twin starts a opening on Dangal’s pretension track.

  23. Kiku continues to perform a assembly and even pokes fun during himself. Meanwhile, a formula of a live voting are flashed on a screen. Bishal is still on tip followed by Vaishnavi. Shilpa Shetty promotes Family Time With Kapil Sharma that goes on atmosphere tomorrow during 8 pm. Varun Dhawan wishes fitness to Kapil’s arriving show.

  24. Kiku Sharda aka Bachcha Yadav enters a theatre of a show. Kiku will be shortly seen in Family Time With Kapil Sharma. Varun joins Kiku on a theatre and their humorous chaff leaves everybody in splits.

  25. Jay shows a formula of live voting until now. According to it, Bishal is heading with 36 percent votes followed by Vaishnavi’s 24 percent, Akash’s 22 percent and Ritik’s 18 percent.

  26. Vaishnavi now creates Varun shake a leg on his strain “Saturday Saturday”. Anurag Basu is seen carrying fun as he too dances on a song. Vaishnavi’s father too shakes a leg with Varun on stage. Varun presents a present to Vaishnavi that is a climax of “Swag Queen”.

  27. As Vaishnavi finishes a performance, all a 3 judges and Varun Dhawan are left in astonishment of a small girl. The tradition of climbing a ladder started by Shilpa Shetty on a uncover is currently being followed by Varun. He climbed a ladder to conclude a performance. Varun tells Vaishnavi, “I could not see anywhere else while we were performing. Shilpa added, “You are a ‘swag queen’ of Super Dancer and we will be blank we after a uncover ends.” Director Anurag Basu is left mute after a performance. He tells Vaishnavi that she has desirous many during her tour on a show. Geeta Kapur pronounced Vaishnavi dances from a heart and showers her with blessings.

  28. Jay Bhanushali invites Vaishnavi Prajapati and her choreographer Manan, a initial performers of a day though before that ‘Mamaji’ (Paritosh Tripathi) interacts with fans of a five-year-old Vaishnavi who are unapproachable of her for being among a tip 4 finalists. The assembly enjoys Vaishnavi’s opening of some superhit Bollywood numbers.

  29. Varun Dhawan enters a uncover dancing on Oct strain “Theher Jaa” amidst shrill hearten from a crowd. He addresses a assembly and sings praises for a uncover job it “heartbeat of India”. Varun is on a uncover to foster his arriving film Oct that releases on Apr 13. With him, a actor has brought a winner’s esteem and as he shows it to everyone, a finalists are seen regulating after it.

  30. The second horde of a uncover Paritosh Tripathi aka Mamaji who has been tickling a humorous bone of a viewers creates an entrance in Dharmendra character as he says that he doesn’t wish a culmination to occur as he will skip a uncover after it gets over.

  31. The contestants get a station acclaim from a judges and horde Jay Bhanushali welcomes a assembly to a culmination of a show. The 4 finalists Akash Thapa, Bishal Sharma, Ritik Diwaker and Vaishnavi Prajapati get a imagination introduction pleasantness a host. He informs a viewers about a live voting that is open now. The viewers can opinion on a Sony LIV app.

  32. The initial opening of a part is by all a contestants of a uncover assimilated by a choreographers. All of them perform on Varun Dhawan’s strike series “Bezubaan” from a film Anybody Can Dance (ABCD), “Unchii Hai Building” from Judwaa 2 and others. The judges Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu hearten for them as they give an fascinating performance.

  33. The part starts with a preview of all that is in store for a fans of Super Dancer Chapter 2. From Varun Dhawan’s opening to spell bounding performances by a finalists of a show, a audiences are in for an interesting culmination of a kids dance existence show.

  34. The Super Dancer Chapter 2 culmination will be aired tonight on Sony Entertainment Television from 8 pm. Akash Thapa from Dehradhun, Bishal Sharma from Assam, Ritik Diwaker from Kanpur and Vaishnavi Prajapati from Panipat will conflict it out on a dance building to lift a Super Dancer 2 trophy.

    This time, viewers can also opinion live regulating a Sony LIV app. According to a makers, audiences will be means to see a voting formula all by a culmination to know how their favorite competitor is faring.

    Another prominence of a culmination will be Oct actor Varun Dhawan who will be fasten a super judges Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu.

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