Super Bowl Movie Trailers: Sony’s ‘Life’ Joins Paramount’s ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ & ‘Ghost In The Shell’ – Update

EXCLUSIVE: We’ve only heard that ads for Sony/Skydance’s sci-fi thriller Life starring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson will bookend a Super Bowl. Pic, destined by Daniel Espinosa shows what goes down when an general space organisation discovers life on Mars. Pic was changed adult out of a Memorial Day mezzanine to Mar 24. Typically a Culver City, CA-based studio sits on a side when tubthumping their arriving titles on Big Game day; one of a final large times they ran a mark was during Super Bowl 2014 for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 

Transformers: The Last KnightTransformers: The Last Knight

PREVIOUS: Word is leaking out about that cinema will explain TV spots during a Super Bowl on Sunday. Paramount will run a Transformers: The Last Knight trailer during a game, while a anime adaptation Ghost in a Shell starring Scarlett Johansson will have a mark before kickoff.


It’s going to be engaging to see what Paramount does with Ghost in the Shell. The Melrose lot has employed a rather crafty debate for a film, “hacking” the Mr. Robot finale and using logo-less clips from a film between commercials. Ghost in a Shell hits theaters on Mar 31. Transformers: The Last Knight will entrance on Jun 23, heading adult to a Fourth of Jul holiday stretch.

For a many part, studios have been silent about that titles will get airtime on Fox’s promote Sunday. Deadline’s Anita Busch and David Lieberman suggested that Universal, 20th Century Fox and Disney will have spots, with Sony airing one during a pregame. Uni is scheduled to have one mark during a game, while Disney is approaching to have two.

Warner Bros typically sits out a large game, though Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is featured in a kick-ass movement mark conflicting Jason Statham for (the TV mark is not a tie-in for any arriving DC film feature). In addition, Kong: Skull Island, Warner Bros’ Mar 10 tentpole from Legendary, will not have ad time during Super Bowl LI, we understand.

The Super Bowl has been a critical promo height for Paramount. In a past, a studio has advertised such tentpole pics as Terminator: Genisys and Star Trek Into Darkness. 

Dwayne Johnson on his Instagram announced 6 weeks ago that a Baywatch Super Bowl mark was in a works from Paramount/Skydance:

🔥We’re a Avengers of a Beach… and rarely f*cking dysfunctional. Thanks for creation a Rated R #BAYWATCH mark a many watched comedy trailer of 2016. Working on a cold SUPER BOWL trailer and a poetic red rope spot, where we make Zac examine a passed man’s contaminate (look it up;). MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND is gonna be a fun one… #BAYWATCH MAY 26

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